How To Store And Find Information On Your Computer

How To Store And Find Information On Your Computer
Dear Computer Lady,​
I am a​ stay at​ home mom with a​ home party plan business .​
I​ do a​ lot of​ training through emails.
My question and dilemma is​ this,​ when I​ receive an​ email I​ move it​ to​ a​ folder in​ my email account .​
is​ there a​ way to​ save that folder and its contents to​ my computer and burn that info onto a​ cd or​ just have as​ a​ folder on​ my desktop?
I refer to​ this information often and would like access to​ it​ quickly and readily .​
Thanks for your help and all your great emails,​ Jacqueline in​ Reno,​ NV
Dear Jacqueline,​
Moving e-mail messages in​ and out of​ your e-mail program is​ more involved than it​ would seem .​
This is​ because each message is​ contained in​ one larger file that your e-mail program maintains .​
When you drag a​ message to​ your desktop,​ it​ does become a​ separate file,​ but you still need to​ have your e-mail program open to​ use the​ file,​ and putting that message back into your e-mail program is​ not as​ easy as​ getting it​ out.
I have experimented with saving messages over the​ years and have done everything from saving each one as​ a​ text file,​ to​ creating extensive folders in​ my email program .​
Since you want to​ have the​ information readily available on​ your desktop,​ and you said that you have a​ lot of​ information,​ I​ would suggest that you use a​ program that would not only allow you to​ easily organize your information,​ but also includes a​ great search function for those times when you can't remember where you saved that bit of​ information that you need.
I use a​ great program called Treepad Business Edition for my information storage .​
I​ have one file that I​ store articles for this newsletter in,​ and another that I​ use for training information and answers to​ questions that my team members ask me .​
I​ also keep another file with information from online purchases so I​ can easily go back and find receipts from online purchases.
Treepad Business Edition allows me to​ organize my information in​ a​ folder (or tree) structure similar to​ how you might organize folders in​ your e-mail program .​
The one difference between the​ two is​ that I​ have never lost a​ Treepad file because of​ corruption,​ while it​ is​ fairly common to​ lose your e-mail folder due to​ a​ corrupt or​ virus infected e-mail message .​
It is​ easy to​ create folders and subfolders in​ Treepad,​ and you can easily drag an​ article from one place to​ another in​ the​ program.
When I​ know I​ have information in​ the​ program,​ but can't remember where I​ put it,​ Treepad has a​ great search function that helps me find exactly what I​ am looking for.
Give this program a​ try and let me know what you think .​
Download a​ free 30 day trial using the​ link below.

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