How To Start An Internet Business The First Step

How To Start An Internet Business The First Step

The vast majority of​ web sites are destined to​ fail before they are even built. Why? Because people building sites almost always put the​ cart before the​ horse. Actually,​ most don’t even include the​ horse.

Evolution of​ Your Site

New sites follow a​ typical evolutionary process.

1. the​ first stage involves slaving over the​ design of​ the​ site to​ get just the​ right look;

2. the​ second stage is​ the​ publication of​ the​ site;

3. Third comes the​ first thought about how to​ get traffic to​ the​ site;

4. Fourth,​ the​ discovery of​ pay-per-click options;

5. Fifth,​ the​ pursuit of​ PPC campaigns and realization of​ sales!;

6. Sixth,​ the​ “misery stage”,​ occurs with the​ realization that sales are being made at​ a​ loss!;

7. Frustration,​ frustration,​ frustration;

8. the​ “extinction stage” - With profitability seeming impossible,​ the​ PPC campaigns are closed and the​ site just sits there.

Does any of​ this sound familiar? you​ need not suffer this evolutionary extinction! Taking one step before you​ build a​ site can save you​ a​ lot of​ wasted time and money.

If you​ Build It,​ Will They Come?

The first step to​ developing a​ successful web site is​ keyword analysis. Keywords are the​ anchors of​ each page of​ your site,​ a​ collective summary of​ your products and services.

The first step to​ developing an​ online business is​ to​ identify whether there is​ sufficient traffic for your business product or​ service. Let’s look at​ a​ very simple example.

If your are selling boating products,​ each page of​ your site should incorporate boating-related keyword phrases. you​ must analyze whether there is​ a​ sufficient number of​ searches each month to​ make your boating site a​ viable entity. a​ free method for doing this is​ to​ use the​ Overture inventory tool:

In our example,​ we would do a​ search for “boating” to​ see how many searches there are for the​ keyword as​ well as​ other boating-related keyword phrases. a​ quick search shows there were over 100,​000 searches for “boating” and over 4,​000 searches for “boating supply” in​ March 2018. These numbers suggest that there clearly is​ enough traffic to​ build a​ site selling boating products.

Alternatively,​ assume that we want to​ build a​ site promoting our hiking guide service in​ Nevada. if​ we do a​ search for “Nevada hiking” using the​ Overture inventory tool,​ we find that there are only 100 or​ so searches a​ month. Should we go ahead and build the​ site? Probably not. There simply isn’t enough interest to​ justify spending the​ time and money.

Unfortunately,​ we often talk with site owners that have spent significant amounts of​ money building a​ site only to​ find that there is​ little interest in​ their product or​ service. By performing keyword analysis,​ you​ can determine whether a​ site should be built before you​ spend the​ time,​ energy and money on​ it. There is​ little reason to​ build a​ site that has no chance of​ success.

How To Start An Internet Business The First Step

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