How To Start An Internet Business Content Content Content

How To Start An Internet Business Content Content Content

When it​ comes to​ e-commerce,​ the​ time-tested cliché is,​ “Content is​ king.” in​ this case,​ the​ cliché is​ correct.


For the​ purpose of​ this article,​ content is​ defined as​ pages of​ text on​ your site. Content is​ often broken down into two categories,​ primary pages and information pages. Primary pages are the​ core of​ a​ site,​ to​ wit,​ the​ home,​ FAQ,​ site map,​ about us,​ contact us and service or​ product pages. Information pages are additional pages that support the​ primary pages,​ explain your service or​ product and answer questions. Primary pages convert visitors while information pages generate traffic.

Primary Pages

Preparing content for your primary pages must be done carefully. you​ should have a​ list of​ keywords you​ want to​ highlight for each page. Using these keywords,​ content should be written clearly and concisely. Do not sacrifice the​ flow of​ your text in​ an​ effort to​ maximize the​ placement of​ keywords. While this common mistake can lead to​ quicker search engine rankings,​ it​ can damage your conversion rates and give visitors the​ wrong impression of​ your business. Traffic is​ useless if​ it​ can’t be converted to​ money. Focus on​ converting the​ visitor into a​ customer.

Information Pages

Information pages serve a​ number of​ functions. First,​ they explain and support your primary pages. Second,​ they build credibility by providing evidence of​ your extensive knowledge and expertise. Unlike primary pages,​ information pages can be written with more of​ an​ eye to​ keyword manipulation.

Information pages also form a​ critical platform for promoting your site. the​ pages should be written in​ such a​ way as​ to​ be easily converted into articles. the​ articles should be submitted to​ directories for publication with a​ byline including a​ link to​ your site. as​ the​ articles are published,​ the​ byline will dramatically increase the​ link count of​ your site. the​ higher the​ number of​ links to​ your site,​ the​ higher you​ move in​ the​ rankings.

Information Page Subjects

If information pages are so important,​ how do you​ come up with topics? There are three methods.

The first step is​ to​ review your product or​ service. Pages should be created providing explanations for the​ most simple to​ complex elements of​ whatever you​ are promoting. Make sure to​ cover basic items. For a​ real estate agent site,​ topics should include 1) how to​ buy a​ house,​ 2) how the​ process works from beginning to​ end; 3) how escrow works and so forth. Never assume your prospect understands some element of​ your product or​ service. Once these pages are created,​ the​ site should be significantly bigger and,​ thus,​ more attractive to​ search engines.

The next step is​ to​ review the​ results of​ the​ keyword research conducted when you​ decided to​ build a​ site. Looking down the​ list of​ keywords,​ focus on​ keywords with less than 1,​000 searches a​ month. Every one of​ these keywords is​ a​ potential topic. Because there are few monthly searches,​ competition for rankings under each keyword phrase is​ probably low. as​ you​ site gains links,​ the​ various information pages will move up into top rankings. if​ you​ have 50 information pages each producing 100 clicks a​ month,​ they will produce 5,​000 free clicks a​ month. Assume a​ conversion rate of​ 1/100 and you​ have 50 sales. as​ more pages are added,​ the​ figures will continue to​ rise.

Finally,​ forums are an​ excellent place to​ find topics. Forums are sites where people gather to​ discuss issues related to​ a​ particular subject. the​ discussions typically start when someone posts a​ question. Each question is​ a​ potential topic for a​ page on​ your site. Make sure to​ focus on​ posts with lots of​ replies,​ as​ the​ number of​ replies reflects the​ amount of​ interest in​ the​ topic. to​ find relevant forums,​ simply search for “forum + subject” on​ any search engine.

In Closing

Google,​ Yahoo and MSN frequently change the​ algorithms each uses to​ produce rankings. Such changes can blow holes in​ search engine optimization strategies. Continually adding relevant content to​ your site is​ just about the​ only method to​ smoothly ride these fluctuations. After all,​ content is​ king.

How To Start An Internet Business Content Content Content

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