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How To Protect Yourself From Internet Home Business Hype And Misconceptions About MLM

The most unfortunate and damaging misconceptions about work at​ home business is​ the​ extra income can come very quickly.

I urge you​ to​ acquaint yourself with these three myths,​ and protect yourself from the​ Internet hype and misconceptions.

Online MLMs Can Generate a​ High Profitable Income in​ One Month

Take a​ look at​ this:

The average internet MLM pays £1 to​ £5 per person in​ an​ organization. to​ earn £1,​000 - £5,​000 per month,​ you​ need 1000 people in​ your organization.

This is​ possible to​ achieve. But it​ takes time.

"You Have a​ Ground Floor Opportunity - you​ Must Join Today"

When someone says: "Ground Floor Opportunity - Join Today" you​ have to​ ask yourself what are they really saying?

Are they saying "People who join after me have less chance of​ making money than myself or​ "The organisation will be useless in​ two to​ three years time.

It would be heart breaking to​ take a​ year or​ two to​ build a​ good residual income,​ only to​ have that income disappear over night?

And what would happen to​ the​ poor suckers who join in​ six or​ seven months time?

To be honest a​ good business opportunity should actually improve with time and exposure. it​ should be based on​ products (or services) - and delivering more in​ the​ product value than the​ pound amount people are paying for it.

Yes it​ is​ possible to​ find such companies on​ the​ internet. I know a​ few of​ them.

Make a​ lot of​ Sales and you​ Make loads of​ Cash

MLM works best when a​ large number of​ people each help each other to​ make a​ small numbers of​ sales.

Let me give an​ example of​ what I mean:

In an​ offline business we were in,​ someone joins the​ organisation who is​ an​ awesome direct mail marketer. Soon he put together a​ masterly direct mail campaign to​ promote this opportunity. He invested a​ lot of​ money then unleashed his packages. in​ six weeks he had several hundred people in​ his downline,​ and was earning several thousand pounds per month.

But within three years he had dropped out of​ that company.

Why is​ this you​ may ask?

You see almost none of​ the​ people he brought in​ were able to​ duplicate what he was able to​ do. So he was unable to​ help them grow their businesses (and possibly had no time to​ help 500 newbies). And since the​ monthly purchase requirement was £70.00 in​ this particular company they soon started dropping out.

The point you​ really ought to​ understand is​ this:

"REMEMBER in​ MLM,​ you​ DO NOT make much money from making sales - you​ Make a​ Lot of​ Money From Building an​ Organization!"

This brings us nicely to​ the​ next and final misconception:

It’s Best to​ Build From the​ Top Downwards

Many people feel that you​ "come in​ at​ the​ top",​ then bring people in​ "under you". They reflect this in​ their attitude to​ the​ job.

Be Smart and know better.

It’s IMPORTANT you​ Build From the​ Bottom

In the​ beginning,​ there is​ no one in​ your business. you​ just have a​ dream,​ and help from your company and up-line.

You find three people and place them in​ your foundation. Then you​ physically support them from below. Yes,​ they are a​ bit heavy at​ first,​ but you​ what is​ required - you​ continue to​ support them.

One morning you​ wake up and there are nine people in​ your structure. From the​ three you​ started with.

You’re supporting the​ nine people structure now,​ and because you​ do,​ your organisation continues to​ grow. Eventually,​ when you​ look up,​ you​ find that you​ have a​ solid building,​ based on​ "below support".

Can you​ see this?

The bottom people you​ recruit and assist to​ take their first steps as​ marketers of​ your opportunity. When they help other people,​ your organization expands.

The point is​ that the​ engine that drives lasting MLM growth is​ people helping other people,​ in​ small numbers,​ and everybody making sure they do their share.

At the​ beginning your job is​ to​ sponsor a​ small number of​ people and support them,​ and encourage them to​ make sales... encourage them to​ encourage other people in​ the​ same way.

Once you​ build a​ small group of​ people and the​ helping culture takes hold,​ you​ will start to​ develop a​ rapidly growing organization... that grows rapidly and wildly with a​ momentum that’s impossible to​ stop,​ even if​ you​ tried to.

You will have an​ Internet home based business to​ be proud of.


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Free Directory Marketing

Free Directory Marketing
There are hundreds,​ maybe thousands of​ free directories on​ the​ internet,​ and you​ can use them to​ easily market your site – for free.
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Of course,​ there are several rules you​ should follow when submitting your site,​ if​ you​ want it​ to​ be accepted .​
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1: Quality site .​
Meaning no adsense,​ pоrn,​ hate,​ or​ scraper sites allowed .​
Unique content is​ a​ must.
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3: Use valid contact information
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The Impact of​ Acne
Social Impact
Many acne sufferers tend to​ isolate themselves from society and purposely chose not to​ socialize with their friends. Why? Because acne sufferers are plagued with feelings of​ depression,​ embarrassment and have a​ poor body image. This then leads to​ frustration,​ anger and severe depression. These negative psychological effects can have a​ very crippling impact on​ an individuals social life,​ which in​ turn will discourage them from pursuing life’s opportunities socially,​ scholastically and even in​ the​ work force. Depression caused by acne can lead to​ low self esteem,​ causing sufferers to​ purposely miss dates,​ social gatherings,​ classes,​ job interviews and even work.
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The Main Causes of​ Acne
Medically speaking,​ an acne sufferer has a​ combination of​ elements working in​ unison,​ often causing inflammation to​ our skin otherwise known as​ acne.
These elements include
• Trapped bacteria under the​ skin
• Increased oil
• Keratosis retention
Increased oil within the​ skin can be caused by makeup,​ but is​ usually produced by the​ sebaceous glands. Sometimes these glands produce an increased amount of​ oil,​ resulting in​ acne and pimples. Retention of​ Keratosis can also cause excess oil and this happens when skin cells that are not shed block the​ sebaceous ducts. the​ role of​ the​ sebaceous ducts is​ to​ get rid of​ excess oil.
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