How To Prepare Surfaces For Asset Tags And Asset Label Tags On Computers It Equipment

How to​ prepare surfaces for Asset Tags and Asset Label Tags on​ Computers & IT equipment
In past articles we​ have talked about what asset labels or​ asset tags are and who should be using them .​
This article is​ designed to​ show people the​ best method of​ applying an​ asset label or​ asset tag .​
Failure to​ follow these instructions could mean that the​ labels will not work as​ expected.
The most important element of​ applying any kind of​ security adhesive based identification device is​ the​ cleanliness of​ the​ surface .​
The surface needs to​ be free of​ dirt and especially any oils or​ grease as​ this will prevent a​ good bond ever being achieved.
I have found that the​ best method of​ doing this is​ simply to​ clean the​ surface with an​ alcohol wipe .​
You can buy sachets quite cheaply .​
You simply open the​ sachet by tearing the​ top open and taking the​ alcohol cloth out .​
Then,​ gently rub the​ area of​ the​ equipment where you intend to​ apply the​ label .​
You will find that the​ alcohol may take 30 seconds to​ evaporate,​ however when this has completed the​ surface should be free of​ any contaminants.
Now,​ as​ these labels are highly tacky you need to​ make sure you get the​ label on​ straight because,​ in​ some grades of​ materials - especially the​ void material and the​ destructible,​ it​ is​ impossible to​ reposition them without damaging them.
Sometimes I​ recommend you mark out the​ corners with a​ little marker pen so you have a​ rough idea of​ it​ being on​ square - note,​ only do this before you wipe with alcohol as​ the​ ink in​ the​ pen itself may prevent the​ adhesive from grabbing.
The next stage is​ to​ wait .​
With vinyl destructible labels tags I’d recommend 2 hours for 40% strength,​ 1 day for 60% strength and 3 days for 100% strength .​
It really does take that long for the​ adhesive to​ cure .​
For a​ voiding asset label tag you can usually test the​ tamper evidence immediately as​ the​ two-stage adhesive is​ immediately activated.

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