How To Personalize Your Computer To Fit Your Own Needs

How To Personalize Your Computer To Fit Your Own Needs
A brand new computer needs to​ be personalized with whatever hardware and software you are going to​ need,​ whether for business,​ entertainment or​ both .​
Most computers come with a​ CPU unit,​ keyboard,​ screen,​ mouse and speakers,​ which is​ a​ very basic configuration.
Compare customizing your computer to​ baking a​ loaf of​ bread .​
You might just use a​ plain bread recipe and the​ results will be a​ plain loaf of​ bread .​
Alternatively,​ you could add fruit and nuts for a​ more interesting bread,​ or​ cheese and mustard for something very different! My point is​ that it​ is​ totally up to​ you.
Accessorizing does not have to​ be expensive .​
You might decide,​ for example,​ that you want a​ printer and scanner in​ one and a​ webcam .​
You might want a​ digital camera so you can upload photos on​ to​ your computer and email them to​ your friends .​
You might want surround sound speakers if​ you plan to​ download and watch movies on​ your computer .​
If you want to​ create digital artwork,​ you need a​ good graphics tool .​
If you want to​ talk to​ family or​ friends on​ the​ other side of​ the​ world,​ you can do so by sending emails .​
Or you might want a​ microphone and headset and a​ webcam .​
This ultimately works out cheaper than phone calls and definitely cheaper than plane tickets.
It is​ not necessary to​ buy all the​ extras at​ once but if​ you have a​ good idea of​ what you want to​ use your computer for,​ it​ is​ easier to​ buy everything at​ once and install it​ all .​
Then you have it​ when you need it .​
Extras such as​ webcams,​ printers and scanners do not normally come included with the​ computer .​
Different people prefer different makes and models,​ depending on​ their budget and what they plan to​ use the​ hardware for.

If the​ accessories are for a​ child,​ a​ cheap printer might suffice (check how much the​ ink costs for the​ printer model you are looking at) and maybe some educational software .​
If you require equipment to​ produce work-related documents or​ graphics,​ you will need something of​ a​ higher quality .​
If you only want to​ type shopping lists,​ the​ program Notepad that comes with your Windows operating system will do .​
If you want to​ produce better quality documents,​ Microsoft Office is​ well worth buying.
There is​ little point in​ buying every single accessory you can lay your hands on,​ if​ you are not going to​ use it .​
If you can find a​ printer,​ scanner and copier in​ one that costs only slightly more than a​ basic printer,​ you might wish to​ buy that instead,​ just in​ case you need to​ scan something one day,​ depending on​ how much space you have for such equipment.
It is​ important to​ understand that accessories can actually be ‘necessities’ and the​ best time to​ purchase them is​ when you purchase your computer .​
Manufacturers are always developing new technologies so an​ outdated computer might not be able to​ drive the​ currently available software .​
If you have a​ Windows 2000 machine and you find some new software that you want,​ you might find that the​ software is​ too advanced and only runs on​ XP or​ Vista for example.
Computers do not come with printers,​ digital cameras,​ microphones,​ scanners and the​ like because not everybody wants them .​
It is​ far better to​ get the​ ‘bare bones’ and customize your machine for yourself.

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