How To Not Lose Weight

How To Not Lose Weight

How to​ Not Lose Weight
If you are determined NOT to​ lose weight,​ this article has some good advice that will help you to​ achieve your ambition.
You can do this in​ several ways. Firstly by
Going on​ a​ starvation diet.
That is​ missing meals and only having half meals when you do eat.
You may think that by missing meals you are taking in​ less calories and surely that is​ what you must do to​ lose weight. But you are wrong.
Because your body will decide that there is​ going to​ be a​ famine for whatever reason and so will store whatever carbohydrates and fat are in​ the​ food you DO eat and store it​ as​ fat for possible future starvation.
Not drinking enough water.
Water is​ essential for living. You can live for about 3 weeks without food,​ but only about 7 days without water.
You need to​ drink about 2 litres a​ day. if​ like me you don’t like plain water,​ you can add unsweetened cordial to​ it. Do not confuse drinking pure fruit juice with drinking water. Pure fruit juice is​ more of​ a​ food than a​ drink.
​alcohol​ especially beer will make you put on​ weight because it​ is​ full of​ calories.
So if​ you DON’T want to​ lose weight,​ drink lots of​ it.
Also,​ not drinking enough water could make you constipated. This will make you feel bloated,​ sluggish and your metabolism will slow down,​ resulting in​ the​ food you do eat being unable to​ get away from you and will store as​ fat. the​ faster your metabolism,​ the​ quicker your waste will be evacuated from your body and not get a​ chance to​ hang about as​ fat.
Carbohydrates will make sure you DON’T lose weight.
If you are really determined that you DON’T want to​ lose weight. Be sure to​ eat lots of​ food containing carbohydrates.
There’s a​ load of​ carbohydrates in​ breads and pastries. So enjoy yourself,​ tuck into a​ large plate of​ meat pie and chips,​ followed by some delicious apple pie and custard. and to​ really make sure you DON’T lose weight,​ have seconds of​ everything.
Salt will help you in​ your mission NOT to​ lose weight.
Salt will absorb water. So the​ more salt you take in​ to​ your body,​ the​ less water there will be to​ convert into blood and other body fluids.
Now you know how to​ sabotage your own body and selfdestruct.
And you will know How to​ Not Lose Weight.

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