How To Manage Your Personal Computer Files The Easy Way

How To manage Your Personal Computer Files,​ the​ Easy Way!
Have you ever been so busy on​ the​ internet going from page to​ page,​ saving this and that signing up for this program and that leads you to​ another and so on​ and so on?
It gets a​ bit confusing and all too often you lose vital links and bits of​ information .​
This article will show you in​ simple terms,​ how I​ organize my files and stuff,​ it​ may even give you some ideas that you can use with your current system.
This is​ just what I​ do,​ and it’s written for those of​ us that aren’t
super wizz internet geeks.
A Directory is​ something in​ your computer that looks like a​ manila envelope .​
It’s often called a​ folder.
You use these as​ you would a​ huge manila folder (in real life),​ because you can put so many pages Files in​ them,​ you can also put other Folders/Directories in​ them,​ this makes a​ sub directory or​ subfolder.
First,​ I’ll assume you can do the​ basics or​ else you wouldn’t be reading this.
So in​ my documents
Click on​ Make a​ new folder and call it​ Internet Business this folder is​ now a​ sub folder of​ my documents.
SAVE EVERYTHING TO DO WITH YOUR INTERNET BUSINESS IN internet business according to​ the​ subfolders we​ are about to​ make.
Second,​ Open Internet business and click on​ new folder as​ you just did in​ my documents .​
Now you will be making subfolders of​ Internet business go ahead and make as​ many as​ you can think of!
These will get you started!
Mailing lists,​ Loginsfo,​ web building Stuff,​ Affiliate referral urls,​ Click ex referral urls,​ Affiliate Banners,​ Click banners,​ Draft articles,​ Email letters.
In each of​ these folders you’re going to​ place files,​ I​ use note book for everything now .​
When I​ started I​ was using excel and word.
But the​ problem with using them is​ that they are too big and too slow,​ especially when you are trying to​ do 10 different things at​ once.
Using notebook will save space on​ your hard drive and is​ a​ lot more light weight so it’s faster and speed is​ everything!
It also gives you some experience that will come in​ handy later when you start writing html code.
That’s probably a​ good subject for another article.
Finally,​ now you should have a​ directory set up with lots of​ empty folders,​ and files.
Simply save everything you come across in​ one of​ the​ sub folders of​ Internet business and if​ you need to​ you can create more sub folders of​ internet business or​ subfolders of​ the​ subfolders,​ etc.
That’s one simple way to​ keep all your important information.
I sincerely wish you good luck and happiness
Bill Boyd

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