How To Make Your Money Work For You

How to​ Make Your Money Work For You.
There are many ways to​ manage your finances to​ get the​ most out of​ your money .​
Here are just a​ few tips for everyone from experts to​ those just starting out on​ their own .​
Manage your money the​ right way,​ and you’ll definitely profit from it.
Consider a​ 1031 tax exchange .​
If you​ sell an​ asset—a commercial building or​ property,​ usually—you can avoid paying taxes on​ the​ profit if​ you​ invest your money in​ a​ similar building or​ property within 45 days .​
You can perform this transaction with residences as​ well,​ as​ long as​ the​ property is​ specifically for investment or​ business purposes—you can’t live there .​
the​ exchange must be made with another property of​ like kind—the transaction is​ also sometimes called a​ like kind exchange for this reason .​
It’s a​ good way to​ defer taxes on​ some serious profits.
Consider a​ credit union .​
Credit unions do all the​ same things banks do—provide loans,​ money markets,​ checking accounts,​ etc.—but they are not-for-profits .​
This translates into fewer fees; most credit unions won’t charge a​ monthly upkeep fee to​ your checking account,​ as​ many banks do .​
It also means freebies: most credit unions offer free checking .​
In addition,​ you’ll generally get better interest rates on​ loans,​ interest on​ your checking accounts,​ and sometimes reimbursement for ATM fees .​
All those little charges add up—and a​ credit union is​ clearly a​ better choice than most banks.
Have a​ savings account? Better make it​ high-yield .​
If you​ use a​ savings account,​ check out the​ interest rates available at​ different banks and credit unions,​ and choose the​ one that has the​ highest interest yield .​
Check that there are no fees to​ diminish that high yield,​ however .​
If your money is​ sitting still in​ a​ savings account,​ it​ should be doing something for you​ while it​ sits.
Join an​ investment club .​
You may not have enough money to​ invest significantly on​ your own .​
But if​ you​ join a​ club of​ like-minded investors,​ you​ could become part of​ a​ serious investment block—one that can earn you​ lots of​ money .​
Look for investors with the​ same goals you​ have—whether it’s to​ strike it​ rich or​ just make enough to​ retire comfortably .​
The bigger the​ goals,​ the​ more aggressive the​ investing strategy tends to​ be—so make sure you’re comfortable with the​ other club members’ risk tolerance.
Think about real estate .​
Investing in​ real estate is​ one of​ the​ most common ways many people build wealth .​
Even renting can make you​ serious cash—just make sure the​ rent your tenants pay covers your upkeep,​ mortgage,​ and property taxes (with some left over,​ of​ course),​ and you’ll earn a​ second monthly income without a​ full-time job .​
Buying,​ refurbishing,​ and selling properties—sometimes called flipping a​ house—is a​ great way to​ build wealth as​ well.
Making money isn’t always easy—but it​ doesn’t have to​ be rocket science .​
And once you’ve got the​ money,​ it’s important to​ know how to​ manage it​ to​ maintain your wealth .​
Invest a​ little time invested in​ learning the​ ins and outs of​ financial planning,​ you’ll see a​ big return.

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