How To Make Your Computer Your Personal Atm

How to​ Make your Computer your Personal ATM
Do you think that ATM’s are only available at​ banks and credit unions? Think again .​
Your computer can become your own personal ATM machine .​
How can you turn your computer into a​ money making machine? Jump into the​ world of​ internet marketing .​
An Internet marketing business is​ not only profitable,​ but can be started quickly and affordably .​

What should you do first to​ help you start an​ Internet marketing business? You need to​ create a​ website that reaches millions of​ potential customers all over the​ globe .​
There are hundreds of​ software programs,​ companies,​ and offerings out there .​
If you are not familiar with Internet infrastructure then you may have a​ difficult time trying to​ find the​ right company to​ host your website .​
we​ have taken the​ confusion out of​ this situation for you by providing references for the​ best software tools to​ help get you started.
First,​ you will need a​ domain name .​
Domain names are the​ text that users will type into the​ Internet to​ access you website .​
Think carefully about your domain name so that it​ is​ relevant to​ your product or​ service .​
Once you have a​ domain name in​ mind,​ you need to​ make sure that it​ is​ not taken .​
You can type it​ into your Internet browser and see if​ anything comes up .​
However,​ it​ is​ good to​ check this through the​ domain provider we​ recommend which is​
When you purchase a​ domain name at​,​ make sure that you only purchase the​ domain name and none of​ the​ extra services .​
Godaddy has a​ tendency to​ jack up the​ prices on​ these services when you can find them much more affordably at​ will be your web hosting service .​
This web hosting Service Company is​ top notch because you receive your OWN IP address .​
It is​ critical to​ have your own IP address so that your emails are never blocked due to​ an​ email spammer that has the​ same IP address .​ also has excellent customer service phone support .​
In addition,​ provides an​ Email Tracker feature which enables you to​ track your emails .​ also will provide you with information regarding the​ deliverability rate for any emails you send .​
This information will help you tailor your marketing efforts.
Next you will need to​ setup a​ smart Autoresponder .​
a​ smart Autoresponder is​ one that automatically sends emails or​ forms to​ users in​ order to​ capture their personal information .​
Make sure that your Autoresponder captures the​ following information: first name,​ last name,​ email address,​ time and date stamp.
An effective smart Autoresponder is​ called Auto Responder Plus which you can find at​ .​
Auto Responder Plus is​ software that you can download on​ your web hosting account.
Once you have these tools in​ place,​ you are ready to​ create your website .​
Change your personal computer into a​ cash cow today!

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