How To Make Some Extra Money

How to​ Make Some Extra Money
When applying for a​ job,​ one of​ the​ questions might be how much is​ the​ desired salary .​
If the​ asking price is​ too high,​ the​ chances of​ being called back for a​ another interview or​ being accepted are slim .​
Should it​ be low,​ the​ applicant might get it​ and is​ probably selling oneself short.
This can be avoided by doing some research .​
There are salary indexes available from various sources,​ which could tell the​ individual the​ right amount for the​ desired position.
No matter what happens,​ it​ may not be enough for the​ employee .​
It is​ too early to​ ask for a​ raise so something has to​ be done to​ make some make extra money .​
Here are some ideas for those who don’t mind getting a​ sideline .​
1 .​
Items on​ the​ shelves don’t sell that much without a​ little promotion .​
The person can get a​ part time job as​ a​ clerk handing out product samplers .​
There are some companies who give the​ employee commission aside from the​ basic salary for being up there in​ front .​
2 .​
Who doesn’t love parties? Believe it​ or​ not,​ this is​ the​ strategy that a​ lot of​ direct selling companies engage in​ when selling a​ product .​
Some examples of​ these are Amway and Herbalife wherein an​ agent will demonstrate something with astounding results that gets people to​ buy the​ merchandise .​
3 .​
a​ lot of​ movies are made every year and even before it​ hits the​ box office,​ the​ producers already know if​ it​ will be a​ hit .​
How? By having special screenings to​ an​ audience that will view and rate it .​
The person will just sign up and join the​ other viewers then get paid after answering the​ questionnaire .​
4 .​
For more than 50 years,​ talk and game shows have hit the​ airwaves .​
Some of​ the​ people who buy tickets are really there to​ watch it .​
Not everyone in​ the​ audience is​ there for the​ same purpose because some are paid to​ cheer.
Is it​ boring to​ watch a​ movie or​ a​ show? No because it​ is​ a​ different film and topic every time making each one a​ unique experience .​
5 .​
The best way to​ create brand awareness is​ advertising .​
This isn’t always done using ads in​ billboards,​ TV or​ the​ radio .​
a​ cheaper way to​ do this will be to​ put ads on​ a​ bus,​ a​ taxi or​ the​ person’s car .​
The individual will do the​ normal routine like driving to​ and from work and get paid for ads that are seen along the​ way by the​ public.
6 .​
Companies engage in​ market research before launching a​ new product .​
There are different ways of​ doing this but it​ will be great to​ participate in​ a​ few and get paid for it .​
There are other great ideas out there that can make the​ person earn some extra dough .​
The nice thing about it​ is​ that each assignment should the​ individual decide to​ take it​ is​ short which will be finished in​ a​ short period of​ time .​
Those who want to​ check it​ out should probably do some research first to​ know if​ one is​ up for the​ task or​ not .​
This will help the​ person decide whether the​ amount to​ be paid is​ commensurate to​ what needs to​ be done.

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