How To Make More Money With A Tupperware Fundraiser

How To Make More Money With A Tupperware Fundraiser

Tupperware? That was my initial thought,​ too. I pictured the​ Tupperware parties of​ which I’d heard so often – and the​ sole party I intended. How could you​ raise money with a​ Tupperware fundraiser if​ everyone had to​ attend a​ party somewhere? And who would host all those parties?!

No Party Needed!

Then I learned that a​ Tupperware fundraiser is​ not based on​ parties. a​ Tupperware fundraiser is​ run much like any other fundraiser,​ except that you​ offer a​ quality,​ durable product instead of​ cheap consumables.

Think back to​ the​ last fundraiser you​ had. Maybe you​ offered an​ array of​ candles – or​ coupon books. Many of​ your workers felt they were pushing products people neither wanted nor needed. Instead of​ appealing to​ the​ buyer,​ they were trying to​ sell products that were easy to​ get at​ low prices.

It all boiled down to​ a​ basic feeling that you​ were dealing with mediocre products,​ which produced mediocre sales efforts.

Tupperware Fundraisers Are Successful

The Tupperware company offers Tupperware fundraisers for non-profit organizations and schools – and a​ Tupperware fundraiser is​ likely to​ be highly successful.

Tupperware fundraisers offer a​ straight 40% profit! How much can you​ raise? How much are you​ determined to​ raise?

Imagine you​ commit to​ raise $12,​000 for a​ new,​ public playground. the​ children in​ your neighborhood have no place to​ play. Parents have no place to​ go and play with their little ones. you​ need swings,​ sandboxes,​ brightly-painted jungle gyms,​ and some open,​ green space.

You manage to​ round up a​ group of​ 200 volunteers who are willing to​ participate in​ your Tupperware fundraiser. Each volunteer is​ encouraged to​ set a​ goal of​ 5 or​ more customer orders,​ and told that the​ average customer will usually place an​ order of​ about $30. They believe it,​ and set out.

At the​ end of​ your Tupperware fundraiser,​ each volunteer turns in​ orders totaling over $150. Some submit orders totaling $200 or​ $300. Together,​ your group sold a​ total of​ more than $30,​000 retail! Your 40% profit comes to​ much more than $12,​000. you​ reached your ambitious goal – and Tupperware pays all shipping for Tupperware fundraisers.

Your Tupperware fundraiser was successful. Your public playground will soon be a​ reality!


Tupperware fundraisers succeed in​ part because of​ the​ product’s reputation. Most people are familiar with the​ Tupperware line of​ products. Some may have wanted to​ purchase but did not want to​ attend a​ party,​ or​ could not find a​ local dealer.

A Tupperware fundraiser succeeds because you​ sell exclusive Tupperware products that are not offered in​ other catalogs. People are eager to​ get these unique products,​ and order readily. Baby Boomers,​ who grew up with Tupperware,​ are especially positive toward Tupperware fundraisers.

Running a​ Successful Tupperware Fundraiser

Tupperware fundraisers are simplified by the​ fact that the​ company provides everything you​ need – including a​ fundraising manager for guidance and advice. There are things you​ will want to​ do,​ though,​ that go beyond the​ fundraiser packets.

Here are a​ few tips to​ make your Tupperware fundraiser successful.

1. Volunteers should be clearly taught how your project will help the​ people to​ whom they hope to​ sell. Customers want to​ know “what’s in​ it​ for me” more than how wonderful the​ cause itself is. if​ your Tupperware fundraiser is​ to​ raise money for a​ playground,​ how will it​ benefit the​ Baby Boomer on​ the​ corner whose children are grown adults? She may like your Tupperware,​ but she should also be shown how your playground will benefit her.

2. Volunteers should believe passionately in​ your cause. They should be so involved that they can see little red and blue swing seats,​ with happy toddlers running toward them. They should have a​ keen desire to​ make that vision come true – a​ desire that will carry them beyond rejection.

3. Volunteers should believe passionately that your Tupperware fundraiser is​ the​ best possible way to​ raise the​ money you​ need. Your fundraiser manager will likely give a​ demonstration of​ the​ products. Be sure every volunteer attends and accepts the​ product enthusiastically.

4. Teach volunteers to​ convey the​ “I like you” message to​ every potential customer. People like to​ be liked,​ and will more readily order from your Tupperware fundraiser volunteers if​ they appear to​ like each customer sincerely.

5. With the​ “I like you” message,​ convey trustworthiness. the​ two together tend to​ convince customers that you​ have their best interest in​ mind.

Tupperware fundraisers have been successful for many groups. They can be so for your group,​ too,​ but you​ must work smart to​ make it​ happen.

How To Make More Money With A Tupperware Fundraiser

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