How To Make More Money With Email Marketing

How To Make More Money With Email Marketing

The number one rule in​ effective email marketing is​ to​ ALWAYS capture every email address of​ every possible prospect. Here is​ the​ way to​ get started building a​ large customer list to​ promote your products and make more money in​ the​ process.

First you​ will need to​ sign up for a​ paid membership at​ a​ respected autoresponder service. This is​ not very expensive. it​ usually costs no more than $20 per month. Either or​ are two good recommended autoresponder services. Here is​ the​ outline for using your autoresponder to​ create campaigns that will sell products for you​ consistently.

Tip #1. Place a​ sign-up box on​ every website you​ own to​ capture email addresses from your prospects.

Offer them a​ FREE report or​ eBook for signing up to​ your new newsletter.

You will use this newsletter to​ 'broadcast' news,​ special offers,​ discounts and clearance sales to​ your 'active' list of​ prospects at​ different times as​ needed. a​ good tip is​ to​ keep your prospect audience 'on the​ hook' and always receptive to​ your email messages. Build good rapport with your subscribers.

By capturing as​ many email addresses as​ you​ can and broadcasting a​ newsletter to​ your customers on​ a​ frequent basis (once every 2 to​ 3 weeks is​ O.K. for most businesses),​ you​ will increase your sales and profits.

Tip #2. When sending out a​ broadcast,​ give your prospective customers a​ FREE offer that complements the​ product or​ service that you​ are promoting in​ the​ email.

This could be a​ FREE eBook or​ report that might make them more interested in​ the​ product that you​ are selling. Include in​ the​ free eBook or​ report a​ hyperlink to​ your product sales page just in​ case they decide to​ go ahead and buy your product after reading the​ FREE eBook or​ report. you​ always want to​ make it​ as​ easy as​ possible for your customers to​ read,​ review and purchase your product.

Tip #3. Then in​ the​ same email broadcast,​ give your customers a​ "preview" of​ your next email offer. Also include a​ line or​ two about the​ next FREE bonus offer that will accompany your upcoming email to​ interest them and set up your next product mailing.

It all comes down to​ meeting the​ expectations of​ your customers. They will know what is​ coming to​ their inbox next. Who knows,​ your customer might already be sold on​ the​ next offer as​ soon as​ it​ arrives!

Tip #4. When advertising your product in​ ezine ads,​ always give the​ people that are reading your ad the​ opportunity to​ get on​ your mailing list.

In fact,​ you​ should be advertising your product for the​ purpose of​ capturing the​ prospect's email address. you​ are going to​ make your sales and profits on​ the​ back-end. Avoid trying to​ sell your product from the​ ad itself.

To do this,​ you​ offer them FREE information,​ and MORE DETAILS about the​ product that you​ are promoting in​ your ad. Then have the​ prospect send a​ blank email to​ your autoresponder. Follow-up using your autoresponder with a​ message of​ your choice that includes the​ promised information. Also add these prospects to​ your newsletter mailing list.

Refer to​ the​ instructions at​ your autoresponder service on​ how to​ make the​ hyperlink to​ your autoresponder and how to​ organize your new email addresses.

Email marketing makes you​ more money when it​ is​ done right. Follow the​ tips above and cash in​ on​ your company's new email marketing strategies with ease.

Now you​ have a​ way to​ get people to​ see your offers at​ a​ minimal cost. And you​ have built up a​ high level of​ trust and loyalty with your subscribers. Plus in​ the​ eyes of​ your customers,​ you​ always overdeliver. That's a​ triple winning combination for your marketing mix. And you​ did it​ all automatically!

How To Make More Money With Email Marketing

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