How To Make More Money With Ebays Affiliate Program

If you’ve been on​ the​ web for a​ while,​ the​ chances are that at​ some time or​ other you​ will have taken part in​ an​ affiliate program. They generally work by giving you​ a​ URL to​ send people to​ their site that contains your affiliate number,​ and then giving you​ a​ small amount for each person who comes in​ using your link and signs up or​ buys something.

eBay's affiliate program follows this basic formula,​ but with a​ few twists.

It pays a​ lot. Each user who follows your link to​ eBay,​ signs up and then bids on​ anything within 30 days will earn you​ $20. Most affiliate programs will only give you​ something like 10% of​ the​ user’s first purchase. What’s more,​ for each existing eBay user who clicks through from your site and then places a​ bid or​ buys something,​ you’ll get 10c.

You can be your own affiliate. if​ you​ just link to​ your own auctions with your affiliate link number from your own website,​ then you’re getting money without sending buyers to​ anyone except yourself. There aren’t many affiliate programs that can say that.

So Where Do I Sign Up?

You can visit eBay’s affiliate program at​ Once you’re there,​ just click ‘Join the​ Program’. you​ will then be required to​ sign up for Commission Junction,​ which is​ free.

How Can I Get People to​ Click the​ Links?

eBay suggest a​ number of​ ‘business models’ for their affiliates. Before people can click your affiliate links,​ they need to​ be at​ your website. There are two ways to​ get them there using a​ search engine,​ which eBay refer to​ as​ ‘natural’ and ‘paid’ search.

Natural search: This is​ when someone finds your website in​ a​ search engine’s normal results,​ either because something you​ wrote is​ relevant to​ them or​ you​ used SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques. Be careful not to​ use any dodgy methods to​ get a​ high search engine ranking,​ though,​ or​ eBay might come after you​ and keep your affiliate money.

Paid search: This strategy involves paying for traffic to​ your website or​ directly to​ eBay,​ by buying ads on​ search engines. if​ you​ go for this option,​ it’s actually worth placing ads on​ the​ less popular search engines instead of​ the​ big ones: they’ll have similar click-through rates as​ a​ percentage,​ but the​ cost typically won’t be anywhere near as​ high.

Content: What you​ can do is​ just have a​ normal website,​ with articles on​ a​ variety of​ subjects and perhaps a​ community forum. Run the​ website for pleasure,​ but place the​ occasional eBay affiliate link there.

Newsletters: Don’t ignore the​ potential of​ putting your affiliate ID in​ each time you​ send out a​ newsletter. you​ can get 10c for every bid it​ generates with no extra work,​ which could be enough for the​ email to​ pay for itself,​ whether it​ leads to​ any sales or​ not.

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