Your Answering Machine can be used to​ make MORE MONEY than you've
ever made in​ your whole life! People with absolutely no business
or marketing skills have been successful with Answering Machine
Marketing methods .​
Recently,​ a​ young couple in​ Gossell,​ Kansas,​
went from three hundred to​ three million dollars,​ marketing
money-making information in​ the​ form of​ books,​ manuals,​ and
reports using a​ simple telephone answering machine.
This can only prove that the​ American Dream is​ still alive and
well .​
this couple has also proved that if​ you​ have:
(1) a​ Great Idea; (2) Believe in​ your ability to​ make it​ happen;
(3) Non-Stop motivation to​ take action now!,​ and (4) If you
persist...You Can Have It All!
The money-making potential of​ a​ simple telephone answering
machine is​ almost unlimited .​
So how do I​ use my answering
machine,​ and what do I​ sell? Good question! the​ possibilities are
endless! Many people are making a​ lot of​ money selling How-To
information in​ the​ form of​ books,​ reports,​ manuals,​ directories.
Topics include: Home Worker Guides,​ a​ Government Job Guide,​
Making Money as​ a​ Free-Lance Writer,​ Making Money With Your
Pick-Up Truck,​ Making Money At U.S .​
Government Auctions,​ and
more .​
However,​ the​ telephone answering machine ad approach can be
adapted to​ many,​ many different products and services: Insurance
or real Estate selling,​ home mortgage reductions,​ home
improvements,​ Seminars of​ all kinds,​ Dating Services,​ and any
kind of​ restaurant,​ social events,​ and 1001 other types of
A small display ad,​ or​ an​ inexpensive classified ad is​ placed in
daily or​ weekly newspapers inviting the​ reader to​ call a​ recorded
message for more free information on​ your product,​ service or
event .​
Using a​ well-written,​ benefit-rich script,​ you,​ or​ a
professional speaker,​ record a​ 2 or​ 3 minute message that entices
the caller to​ do one of​ the​ following:
(1) Leave his/her name and address and request that the​ order be
shipped C.O.D.
(2) Leave his/her name and address to​ request more free
information be sent.
A third method that some have tired concerns credit card
ordering .​
however,​ most operators have found that this does not
work very well .​
people do not like to​ leave their charge card
number at​ the​ end of​ a​ recorded message .​
a​ fourth method that has
had some success,​ asks the​ caller to​ order direct from the​ phone
message,​ by sending a​ check or​ money order .​
Which of​ the​ two
primary options works best? There are several advocates of​ each
Obviously,​ if​ you​ are offering a​ high-ticket item,​ or​ a
specialized service (real estate,​ insurance,​ multi-level
marketing,​ etc...) you​ would want simply to​ capture the​ callers
address and/or phone number for the​ follow-up.
If you're selling a​ relatively low-priced item (less than $50),​
such as​ a​ book,​ gift item,​ etc.,​ you​ can either use the​ C.O.D or
inquiry method.
To ship C.O.D.,​ or​ not,​ is​ a​ marketing option that confronts
every marketer who has a​ reasonably priced item,​ and who wants to
use a​ recorded message as​ a​ selling tool.
The major advantage of​ C.O.D .​
shipping is​ that the​ order
instructions are captured on​ your answering machine,​ and can be
processed and shipped immediately.
The major disadvantage to​ the​ C.O.D .​
method is​ that it​ is​ likely
that 40% to​ 55% of​ all orders shipped will come back to​ you
because the​ UPS driver or​ U.S .​
Postal Route Carrier (C.O.D.
orders can be shipped either by United Parcel Service or​ by U.S.
Mail) could not make delivery and get paid .​
that's not good!
Proponents of​ C.O.D .​
shipping claim,​ even with the​ huge amount of
undeliverable,​ that this method is​ still their favorite .​
are three entrepreneurs,​ one in​ Utah,​ one in​ California,​ another
in Arizona,​ who each are making millions of​ dollars per year
selling books and reports,​ via the​ C.O.D method .​
it's nice to
keep it​ simple .​
you run your ads,​ you​ use a​ hard sell recorded
telephone script .​
the callers leave their address,​ and you​ ship.
Marketers who hate C.O.D .​
shipping usually can't emotionally
handle all those undeliverable,​ unpaid for shipments .​
shipping does work for some .​
if​ you​ can psychologically handle
the big return factor,​ it​ may make you​ the​ kind of​ money you​ have
always dreamed of​ making.
Her's an​ important marketing tip: If you​ do get involved in​ C.O.D
shipping,​ send a​ postcard to​ the​ responder one day before you
ship the​ order .​
Say something like this:
Thank you​ for your order for our amazing (fill in​ the​ book's
title or​ the​ name of​ the​ product here),​ your order is​ being
processed and will be shipped immediately .​
Please be sure to​ have
$_______ (total amount) available to​ pay the​ UPS driver when he
In addition to​ receiving the​ (fill in​ product name),​ we are also
including a​ very special free bonus with your order .​
We know
you'll love it!
Thanks again for ordering .​
We appreciate having you​ as​ a
Name and Address Of Your Company
This technique works just great! One marketer was able to​ reduce
returns by over 15%,​ by using this little ploy that added up to
tens of​ thousands of​ dollars in​ one year!
What should your free bonus be? Put on​ your thinking cap! you​ can
come up with some inexpensive widget or​ low-cost report,​ that
relates to​ what you're selling .​
If you're going to​ use the​ C.O.D.
method---You must do this!
Another option to​ the​ C.O.D .​
method is​ the​ two-step inquiry
method .​
Sure,​ it's much slower .​
First you​ capture the​ name and
address of​ the​ voice responder .​
Next you​ rush him or​ her (it's
wise to​ mail within 48 hours--or less!) your sales literature .​
huge ego-deflating returns,​ plus your printed sales literature
can make a​ much stronger,​ and longer presentation than a​ 2 or​ 3
minute electronic script.
Why does a​ simple answering machine work so well .​
We have
discovered that many people who are usually not mail responsive
will pick up a​ telephone and call a​ recorded message .​
this is
particularly true of​ newspaper readers.
So what must you​ do to​ get started in​ this exciting and highly
profitable business! Well,​ let me give you​ the​ necessary steps
that you​ must take to​ put this information into action.
(1) Create/or locate a​ product or​ service that is​ highly in
demand by a​ large group of​ people.
(2) Write a​ classified ad and sales message (almost like a
commercial) to​ sell the​ product or​ service .​
record the​ sales
message onto a​ simple answering machine.
(3) Place your classified ad in​ a​ newspaper that offers the
cheapest rates (usually a​ very small paper or​ Pennysaver,​ etc)
and put the​ phone number that is​ being used by the​ answering
machine that has your recorded script on​ it​ in​ the​ advertisement.
(4) Your customer will see your ad,​ call your number,​ listen to
your sales message and order.


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