How To Make Money With Training Videos

Most everyone has some area of​ expertise in​ a​ particular field that would be beneficial for others to​ learn. Whether you're an​ employee,​ entrepreneur,​ or​ entertainer,​ there's good money to​ be made in​ training others how to​ have the​ same successes you​ have. Simply demonstrating on​ video the​ same steps to​ success you've taken,​ you​ can make thousands of​ extra dollars by portraying your expertise.

1. Determine your area of​ expertise. What have you​ been good at​ for all your life? What are your hobbies,​ pastimes,​ or​ job skills that you​ have been perfecting? Maybe you've been successful at​ parenting,​ making crafts,​ throwing parties,​ inventing,​ or​ how to​ enjoy a​ night out on​ the​ town. Even if​ it's something as​ simple as​ winning at​ board games,​ chances are there are people out there that would want to​ learn from you. Maybe you've been an​ administrative assistant for years and have been commended on​ how invaluable you​ are to​ the​ company. Then you​ have a​ basis of​ training others how to​ be top notch administrative assistant,​ considering how much job turnover some industries can have. Companies love training with videos,​ because it​ saves valuable time from managers and communicates everything important in​ the​ same way each time.

2. Plan your approach. Once you've determined your market for training others,​ you​ need to​ put together an​ outline for the​ content. This is​ where you'll want to​ spend most of​ your time,​ as​ content is​ always king. Start with bullet points,​ going from general to​ specific. Sketch out the​ scenes that you​ will be taping to​ illustrate the​ message. Be sure to​ discuss what doesn't work as​ well as​ what does,​ by sharing the​ mistakes you've made along the​ way. Give them resources and tips to​ get started and how to​ persevere.

3. Shoot the​ video. First you'll want to​ choose a​ professional production company to​ produce your video if​ you​ are not equipped or​ experienced. Do not use your home camcorder thinking that you​ can make a​ professional video suitable for selling at​ a​ premium price. For advice on​ how to​ choose a​ video production company,​ do a​ web search for "how to​ choose a​ video production company" or​ search by this author's name. Once you've chosen a​ production company that fits your budget,​ be sure to​ create scenes that actually demonstrate your points and how they can duplicate it. No one really wants to​ buy a​ video of​ a​ talking head,​ so keep it​ interesting. For advice on​ creating effective video content,​ be sure to​ do a​ web search on​ this topic for this same author. Decide if​ you​ are suitable for being the​ on​ camera talent and speaker. Again you​ must portray yourself as​ an​ expert,​ or​ at​ least,​ an​ expert author of​ the​ content. if​ you're not good at​ communicating on​ camera or​ unable to​ speak naturally and fluently,​ you​ may need to​ hire an​ actor to​ work off a​ teleprompter. the​ production company will help you​ make that decision.

4. Market the​ video. Once the​ video is​ shot and duplicated and ready to​ be sold,​ determine the​ venues of​ distribution to​ promote your video to​ your target audience. Having your own search engine-friendly website is​ a​ must,​ with accurate keywords that your audience will be searching for. and other video dealers will gladly stock or​ drop ship your video for a​ cut of​ your selling price,​ and is​ well worth it. Trade shows,​ college campuses,​ swap meets,​ magazine classifieds,​ local newspaper classifieds….anywhere your audience's eyes would be looking is​ where you​ need to​ be promoting your video. With perseverance and determination,​ you​ can make a​ one time video investment make you​ a​ lot of​ extra money and maybe even quit the​ job that you​ were training people how to​ do!

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