How To Make Money With Storage Unit Auctions

How to​ Make Money with Storage Unit Auctions
Are you​ looking for an​ easy way to​ make money? If so,​ you​ will want to​ examine storage unit auctions .​
Making money with mini storage auctions does require a​ small amount of​ start-up cash,​ but you​ stand a​ good chance of​ recouping that money back and then some.
If you​ are new to​ making money with storage auctions,​ you​ may be wondering how the​ process works .​
First,​ you​ need to​ find auctions .​
These auctions are usually advertised online or​ in​ a​ newspaper classified section .​
Depending on​ the​ size of​ your city or​ town,​ you​ may have a​ local auction once a​ month or​ more.
Unless otherwise stated,​ you​ will want to​ bring plenty of​ cash with you​ .​
Most storage companies will only accept it,​ not credit cards or​ checks .​
When carrying large amount of​ cash,​ take extra steps to​ keep it​ safe.
Inspect the​ items available for sale through bidding if​ you​ can .​
This may involve arriving ten or​ twenty minutes early .​
See if​ you​ can lookout around .​
Even if​ you​ cannot open up sealed bins or​ walk all the​ way into a​ storage bay,​ perform a​ quick inspection .​
you​ can sometimes gauge or​ estimate the​ value of​ items inside.
As for what you​ should look for,​ remember that you​ want to​ make a​ profit .​
Try to​ find storage bays where most items are visible from the​ outside .​
These are items that are out of​ or​ cannot fit into a​ box .​
Furniture is​ nice and easy to​ resell if​ you​ plan to​ do so locally.
You can place bids on​ sealed bins or​ storage units that are filled with them,​ but this can be risky .​
you​ never know what is​ inside .​
Look for moving boxes that are labeled with a​ company name or​ logo .​
This is​ a​ sign that household items may be inside .​
Household items,​ in​ most cases,​ are easy to​ sell for a​ small profit .​
on​ that same note,​ many boxes are used to​ pack away important documents and family photographs .​
These items are,​ essentially,​ worthless to​ you.
During the​ bidding process,​ remember your goal of​ making money .​
to​ make money,​ you​ must limit your business expenses .​
This means that you​ want to​ win a​ storage bay filled to​ capacity with valuable things,​ but you​ don’t want to​ overpay for it .​
Never bid higher than you​ can reasonably afford .​

If and when you​ win at​ a​ mini storage auction,​ you​ will need to​ remove the​ items from the​ premises .​
you​ should know ahead of​ time,​ but you​ may be required to​ have all items offsite within twenty-four hours .​
If you​ do not have access to​ a​ truck or​ van,​ bring a​ padlock with you​ .​
This can allow you​ to​ keep your purchases locked and safe when making multiple trips in​ a​ small car.
If you​ want to​ make money,​ but quickly,​ you​ will want to​ start reselling your items right away .​
For some the​ ability to​ quickly resell is​ very important .​
Are you​ limited on​ space in​ your own home? If so,​ you​ may not have room for all of​ your purchases .​
If you​ want to​ move these items out of​ your home and off your property fast or​ if​ you​ want to​ make a​ quick profit,​ host a​ yard sale .​
Yard sales are nice because they can be hosted at​ a​ moments notice and because everything is​ laid out for sale all at​ once.
If you​ are more focused on​ making the​ biggest profit,​ as​ opposed to​ selling off the​ items quickly,​ examine or​ .​
They are two popular websites online .​
Craiglist is​ not as​ popular as​ eBay,​ but it​ is​ increasing in​ popularity and it​ is​ free to​ post local advertisements .​
eBay is​ popular,​ but you​ are charged numerous fees .​
If you​ have time,​ you​ may want to​ try both .​
List half your items for sale on​ eBay and half on​ Craigslist .​
Which approach makes you​ the​ most money?

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