How To Make Money With A Simple Website About Land Investment

As Mark Twain himself said…”Buy land – they’ve stopped making it”.

Here are some powerful reasons why you​ should set-up your own land investment website:

· in​ the​ United Kingdom alone there is​ a​ MAJOR shortage of​ affordable housing and land. It's become such a​ desperate situation that the​ British government have had to​ kick-start a​ multi-billion pound affordable housing campaign - the​ bottom line? There is​ going to​ have to​ be a​ HUGE amount of​ land purchased for all of​ these houses to​ be built. the​ U.K. is​ an​ island - and land is​ a​ highly finite and much needed commodity. Over the​ next few years,​ land for this reason alone is​ set to​ EXPLODE in​ value. Your Land Investment website will arm people with the​ most critical information that they MUST know in​ order to​ identify the​ most valuable land that will offer the​ best investment returns (there are as​ you​ may imagine several factors that land investors must consider before jumping in).

· While land is​ an​ investment that is​ not in​ the​ average investors portfolio,​ it​ has long been a​ valuable component in​ the​ "sophisticated investors" portfolio. in​ other words,​ the​ true elite have been profiting from land value gains for centuries. Now,​ this once guarded secret is​ being revealed by investment media (magazines & tv) which means that the​ average investor on​ the​ street is​ becoming more and more aware of​ land as​ a​ potential investment.

From our perspective as​ information providers this is​ huge - expect to​ see a​ sharp increase in​ the​ number of​ people searching for "land investments" online - expect to​ see more affiliate programs offering land investments - expect to​ see more advertisers bidding for land investment keywords... and yet right now the​ number of​ websites dedicated to​ land investments are *extremely* low - the​ ones providing valuable information (such as​ the​ optimised adsense website templates you​ will own) are far and few between. in​ the​ UK search that I performed practically all websites were nakedly trying to​ grab email addresses with one-page websites giving highly biased commentary on​ how wonderful land investment is​ (I urge you​ to​ try and find a​ decent website on​ this niche - they are pretty woeful and do not provide good balanced content).

Viewers don't want this - they can see through such transparent ploys. You'll be in​ pole position to​ offer them genuinely valuable information,​ better than anything they can find online elsewhere,​ and you'll be able to​ offer them this information free. the​ result? They bookmark you​ & tell their mates. They come back. They sign for your newsletter. They click on​ your adsense displays while doing their research. They check out your affiliate links. They form a​ LONG-TERM BOND with you...and that's where the​ real wealth lies.

· This is​ interesting (it sure surprised me) - Land in​ the​ UK has beaten the​ stuffing out of​ both real estate and the​ stock market over the​ past 20 years. in​ fact,​ during this time-frame land has increased in​ value by over. 900%.

· Land is​ a​ hands-off investment and there are no maintenance costs involved - unlike real-estate (which by the​ way is​ a​ wonderful investment option itself) the​ land owner does not have to​ worry about finding tenants or​ servicing a​ mortgage. Despite this,​ there are ways for land owners to​ achieve residual income on​ their land while it​ increases in​ value.

· There are certain techniques that are used to​ pin-point land to​ buy for investment that will have the​ explosive returns that we're talking about. Your private label content & adsense optimised templates will disclose what these are (they combine certain logistical and demographic factors along with little known government plans among others.

· This is​ a​ sub-niche of​ the​ highly potent & cash-rich real estate market. I've said this a​ million times before but when choosing a​ niche you​ really need to​ target cash-rich markets with a​ lot of​ prospects. the​ Adsense website templates you'll own have been built to​ tap in​ to​ not only land investment adverts but also real estate investment.

OK,​ we've touched on​ the​ reasons why land investment is​ bursting to​ the​ rafters with potential. This is​ a​ niche that will be potent for decades. Land is​ a​ highly finite commodity - and the​ population in​ places such as​ the​ UK are exploding (according to​ the​ UK office for national statistics the​ UK population is​ going to​ increase by over 6 million over a​ 25 year period) you​ really need to​ be a​ genius to​ know what that means when it​ comes to​ land ownership?

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