How To Make Money With JV Giveaways

How To Make Money With JV Giveaways

It's no secret that JV Giveaways are a​ great way to​ get free marketing products. in​ fact you​ can get almost any marketing product with resale rights simply by visiting JV Giveaways and simply signing up and joining other marketers email lists. Lets take a​ look at​ the​ other side of​ JV Giveaways and find out what being a​ JV partner is​ all about and how it​ can make you​ money.

In order to​ do this you​ will need to​ get some hosting,​ either free or​ paid. you​ will also need to​ have an​ autoresponder,​ this can be either free or​ paid as​ well. the​ last thing you​ need is​ to​ know how to​ make a​ simple web page.

The first thing you​ will have to​ do if​ you​ want to​ make money from being a​ JV partner is​ get something to​ sell. the​ best place to​ do that is​ coincidentally a​ JV Giveaway. if​ you​ don't know of​ any JV Giveaways that are currently running you​ can check out limitedtimedeals dot guruofinfo dot com.

Once you​ join the​ JV Giveaway you​ will want to​ find a​ few products that are not seen as​ often and where made recently. if​ possible try and find about ten products like this. you​ will be taking about three and giving them away and using the​ rest to​ make a​ package to​ sell.

In order to​ do this you​ will need to​ know how to​ make a​ simple sales page for your one time offer (OTO),​ a​ thank you​ page,​ and the​ giveaway page. Most JV Giveaways now have the​ capability to​ enter your email list form into their site so you​ will not have to​ make a​ signup page.

The next thing you​ will have to​ do is​ find a​ way to​ gather emails. you​ can do this with a​ script hosted on​ your site,​ a​ free autoresponder service,​ or​ a​ paid autoresponder service. Getting a​ paid autoresponder service like Aweber is​ always preferred but if​ you​ are on​ a​ tight budget you​ can use a​ free autoresponder site.

To find a​ free autoresponder service to​ use for your JV Giveaway simply do a​ search on​ Google. you​ should come up with several pages of​ results. the​ best ones to​ look for are those who do not use advertisements in​ your emails.

The next thing you​ will need to​ have is​ some form of​ web site hosting. if​ you​ already have a​ host then you​ are doing good. if​ you​ would like to​ get a​ good host for your business I would recommend Dream Host. if​ you​ cannot afford to​ pay for web site hosting then simply find a​ free one. Like the​ free autoresponder try to​ find one that does not display ads on​ your site.

Now it​ is​ time to​ make your simple sales page. This is​ the​ page going to​ be used for your OTO. New members of​ your list will see this page before they get there free products. This will be one of​ the​ two ways that you​ can make money from JV Giveaways.

Your OTO should be short,​ sweet and to​ the​ point. This page will consists of​ a​ headline,​ opening paragraph,​ short talk about the​ benefits,​ list of​ products with descriptions,​ bulleted list of​ benefits,​ guarantee,​ order link,​ a​ conclusion with P. S.'s and the​ link to​ your free products.

You will want to​ start your page off with an​ attention grabbing headline and follow it​ up with an​ equally strong sub headline. Keep in​ mind that you​ are selling to​ marketing newbies so try to​ keep focused on​ them. Your headline should point out the​ main benefit of​ having what you​ are selling. the​ sub headline should point out the​ second best benefit.

You may have to​ tweak your headline until it​ is​ strong since the​ pages visitor is​ not here to​ buy something. the​ freebie crowd is​ a​ hard one to​ get to​ buy but the​ key is​ to​ make it​ cheap and a​ very good value.

The next part of​ your page will be your opening text. Make sure that your first paragraph keeps your readers attention. Your opening text should be about three paragraphs and tell all about the​ benefits of​ having the​ products.

Note: it​ will be allot easier to​ write your mini sales page if​ you​ have actually read and like the​ products you​ are selling.

The third part of​ the​ OTO page you​ will be using for JV Giveaway's will actually tell the​ visitor what the​ products are. to​ do this it​ is​ best to​ use a​ table two cells wide. on​ the​ one side you​ will want to​ put a​ picture of​ the​ products cover. on​ the​ other you​ will want to​ put the​ title of​ the​ product along with a​ brief description.

If you​ need to​ find pictures for your products the​ best way is​ to​ use Google's images search engine. it​ can be found on​ Google's main page by clicking the​ images link.

The next thing your mini sales page needs is​ some benefit bullets. the​ best way to​ make your benefit bullets is​ to​ directly reference parts of​ the​ products. This will arouse curiosity in​ your reader,​ hopefully enough to​ buy the​ books so they can find the​ answer. For example do something like the​ following.

An easy to​ use technique that can double your AdSense earnings in​ under a​ week. - Great AdSense Book (p. 32)

Try to​ do at​ least one of​ these benefit bullets for each book. if​ you​ have a​ hard time finding one for each book it​ is​ time to​ rethink what you​ are going to​ sell. you​ want the​ products to​ be useful to​ your customers. if​ you​ cannot find at​ least one good thing to​ mention then you​ should scrap using that book in​ your sale.

The next thing you​ need on​ your mini sales page is​ a​ guarantee. Most people use a​ thirty to​ sixty day money back guarantee. if​ you​ sell your package for low enough though you​ may never see a​ refund request. Just in​ case though keep enough to​ refund two or​ three sales in​ your acct.

Now you​ will need to​ put an​ order button on​ this sales page. the​ easiest way to​ accept payments is​ to​ use PayPal. Once you​ have signed up or​ signed in​ to​ PayPal you​ can consult help to​ find out how to​ make your button. I strongly suggest selling your package for only $5 through $15.

This will also be the​ time you​ think of​ a​ name for your thank you​ page. Use something other than thankyou.html so it​ is​ not to​ easy to​ guess. the​ address to​ this page will be where your button sends customers after a​ successful purchase. Also make sure you​ get your payment button encrypted so that others cannot steal your products.

Now it​ is​ time to​ wrap up your sales page. in​ this you​ need to​ write a​ closing paragraph or​ two that tell more about the​ benefits and state that your visitor will never see this page again. Next you​ will need to​ write a​ small series of​ post scripts (P. S.). These will restate the​ benefits again.

The last part will be to​ add a​ link to​ your free products. This is​ at​ the​ very end so hopefully new members will read your sales page. you​ will also want to​ put it​ very close to​ the​ post scripts so they will get a​ glimpse at​ the​ products benefits before getting their free products. This is​ where you​ will name your free page.

Now that your mini sales page is​ done you​ will need to​ upload the​ sales page and it's pictures to​ your host. Once it​ is​ uploaded make sure the​ page loads correctly and check your order button to​ ensure that it​ works.

Now you​ will want to​ make the​ remaining two pages that are needed for your JV Giveaway. Both of​ these will be really short and very simple.

The first one will be your free page. This page can be named most anything since it​ really does not matter if​ someone stumbles upon it. This page will be very simple and consists of​ only a​ thank you​ message and a​ link to​ the​ products.

Note: it​ will be easier on​ you​ and your list members if​ you​ zip the​ products being offered in​ the​ packages. This will cut down on​ the​ number of​ links you​ need to​ make as​ well as​ the​ number they need to​ click on​ to​ get their products.

The second and last page you​ need to​ make will be your thank you​ page. This page is​ very similar to​ the​ free page you​ just made. it​ to​ will consist of​ a​ thank you​ message and a​ download link. the​ only way anybody should get access to​ this page is​ by buying your OTO.

Now that you​ have that out of​ the​ way it​ is​ time to​ setup your email list. the​ first thing you​ will need to​ do create your list. This list can be named whatever you​ like. you​ will also need to​ make a​ simple message the​ member will get when they sign up.

This message will welcome them and have a​ link for them to​ get their free products that leads to​ your OTO. you​ should also be able to​ have them sent to​ the​ OTO after signing up. the​ email will serve as​ a​ reminder.

Most importantly you​ will need to​ get the​ code for your signup form. Go ahead and copy this code to​ an​ empty text document for right now since you​ will need it​ soon.

Congratulations the​ hardest part is​ now behind you. Now all you​ have to​ do is​ signup as​ a​ JV partner in​ as​ many JV Giveaways as​ possible. to​ do this revisit the​ Limited Time Deals site mentioned earlier. you​ should see something that refers to​ signing up as​ a​ JV partner in​ each JV Giveaway announcement. if​ you​ do not the​ giveaway most likely quit accepting new JV partners.

Find whatever ones you​ can that are still accepting new partners and sign up for them. Once you​ have completed your registration and signed in​ you​ should see a​ list of​ links. you​ will need to​ go to​ the​ partners area and then click on​ manage gifts.

Now simply fill in​ all of​ the​ fields. I strongly suggest that you​ copy the​ contents of​ each field to​ the​ same text document that you​ put your form code on. This will save you​ time in​ the​ long run. Make sure that you​ choose the​ option to​ put your form code on​ the​ JV Giveaways site. This makes it​ easier on​ your new subscribers and you.

You should get an​ email telling you​ that your JV Partner gift was accepted. Once the​ JV Giveaway launches you​ should notice several list signup's each day and hopefully some sales.

You may have to​ tweak your sales page until you​ get it​ working well. the​ good news is​ you​ will be getting enough visitors to​ test and change it​ daily. Once you​ get it​ selling well all of​ this will be worthwhile.

It will be fairly easy to​ build your list by a​ few thousand a​ month if​ you​ are in​ multiple giveaways. So it​ would be very wise of​ you​ to​ use your new list to​ your advantage.

The next time you​ sign up for a​ new JV Giveaway send a​ simple email to​ your list telling them about it. Many JV Giveaway's will supply you​ with these emails that already have your referral link in​ them. When your list members join you​ can make commissions on​ the​ JV Giveaways OTO.

After you​ have set everything up making money with JV Giveaways can be easy sailing. Pay close attention to​ what other JV partners are doing and try to​ mimic their success. the​ longer you​ keep at​ this the​ better you​ will get and the​ more you​ will make. This is​ one of​ the​ easier ways to​ make money and get tons of​ great free products.

How To Make Money With JV Giveaways

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