How To Make Money With Comic Books

How To Make Money With Comic Books

How to​ Make Money With Comic Books
In someway or​ another,​ we all try to​ find super hero characters in​ ourselves .​
Children love them,​ and even grown ups go to​ theatres to​ watch movies like Spiderman and Fantastic Four.
Fantastic stories are described in​ comic books,​ which are just soft cover magazines with pictures and words .​
The cover is​ made of​ glossy paper and the​ inside is​ a​ high quality paper,​ with its spine held together by staples .​
Comic books cover everything from horror to​ sci-fi,​ from crime to​ adventure and mystery .​
Usually there are evil doers and a​ person or​ a​ group to​ stop them,​ who become our superheroes.
Comic books were first introduced in​ the​ USA in​ 1896 .​
The idea was to​ collect all the​ comic strips from the​ newspapers and produce and publish a​ book with them,​ and the​ result was the​ birth of​ comic books .​
People loved it,​ and it​ got popular rapidly .​
Because of​ this,​ they wanted to​ produce and reproduce more and more comic books .​
People wanted new stories,​ new adventures .​
This is​ one version of​ how comic books were born,​ although some people believe that comic books existed in​ some form in​ the​ earlier days,​ such as​ the​ Egyptian wall art and prehistoric cavemen paintings.
In the​ year of​ 1938,​ Superman was first introduced,​ and he became so popular and successful that people wanted to​ see more of​ him,​ and more characters with super powers .​
That was how characters like Spiderman were born.
The first comic books began as​ humorous books for children and that is​ why till now the​ word comic is​ used for humour in​ English .​
Characters like Popeye the​ sailor man and Krazy Kat are still loved by all .​
After that there were characters like Sabrina the​ teenage witch and Archie,​ which were introduced for the​ teenage group,​ so that they could relate to​ them .​
Archie and his group got so popular that they had fan clubs for the​ readers .​
There are currently leading stores which sell t-shirts,​ mugs,​ diaries and stickers of​ these comic book characters.
Comic book collectors
The fans of​ comic books love to​ collect them,​ and this becomes their hobby .​
They want to​ have all the​ editions,​ so they keep buying them more and more .​
The new ones are usually easy to​ find,​ these you​ can pick up from your local comic book store or​ toy stores and also some corner markets .​
The most difficult ones to​ find are the​ older issues,​ but if​ you​ are lucky enough,​ you​ can find them in​ comic stores as​ most of​ them keep some type of​ back issues.
Sometimes,​ people who have collected comic books for a​ long while decide to​ sell their personal collection,​ and you​ can also do that,​ incase you​ make up your mind .​
First you​ have to​ decide where to​ sell them,​ if​ in​ a​ comic store or​ even on​ auction sites .​
But you​ have to​ be aware that you​ take full responsibility of​ the​ condition and you​ must know how to​ protect your comic books during shipment if​ you​ want a​ good price.
Besides selling personal collections,​ there are other ways of​ making money with comic books and their characters .​
The might and mightiest of​ Hollywood want to​ make movies on​ these comic superheroes or​ want to​ be a​ part of​ it .​
So,​ now you​ know how big comic books can get!

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