How To Make Money With A College Lingerie Party

Being a​ student can be tough at​ times especially when you​ always seem to​ suffer from a​ chronic condition of​ cash shortage. if​ you’ve been looking around for good opportunities to​ earn some part time income while studying at​ college,​ and you​ want it​ to​ be both profitable and entertaining,​ then the​ lingerie party business might just be the​ perfect idea for you​ to​ earn some money and have tremendous fun in​ the​ process.

Everyone loves to​ attend a​ good lingerie party! if​ you​ find the​ idea of​ throwing one intimidating,​ just remember that it​ doesn’t have to​ be a​ racy event that’s only about dressing up in​ lingerie. Throw a​ college lingerie party with a​ theme. Thrown in​ this fashion,​ it​ becomes very similar to​ a​ costume party,​ except for the​ lingerie being one more element in​ the​ costume. Also it’s more alluring to​ everyone as​ party concept since there’s lingerie involved. For example,​ consider party themes like ‘Wacky Lingerie Clowns’,​ ‘Rags to​ Riches’ (A lingerie tale--where everyone can come dressed as​ anything from a​ chimney sweep to​ the​ Queen of​ England),​ ‘Amazonian underwear Warriors’,​ ‘Knights and Ladies of​ the​ Lingerie Table’ (Medieval theme),​ Roman Toga Lingerie party etc. Just use your imagination to​ come up with fantastic themes that would work well with lingerie.

Now it’s time to​ get down to​ business. Look around and tie up with a​ lingerie company that’s willing to​ provide lingerie for students. Since students are always going to​ be on​ a​ tight budget,​ you​ don’t want to​ be showing them designer stuff. Make sure that the​ company has a​ range of​ inexpensive lingerie (things that you​ would buy yourself) along with any other low-cost items they might like to​ showcase like candles or​ lotions.

Once you’ve sent out your invites or​ posted your flyers it’s time to​ prepare. you​ could either ask everyone to​ bring along one food item with them in​ the​ invitations or​ just arrange for the​ food yourself. Stock up on​ soft drinks and chips and snacks and decorate the​ venue simply. Since the​ focus of​ the​ party will be all the​ games and the​ fun you’ll have,​ you​ don’t have to​ spend a​ lot of​ time on​ the​ decorations. For example,​ you​ could make balloon bouquets for a​ clown party or​ hang up a​ lot of​ fake greenery for an​ Amazon theme. Just make sure that you​ have a​ table in​ a​ prominent place to​ display the​ lingerie that’s on​ sale and you’ll be all set.

If you​ get creative with your ideas,​ you’ll have no shortage of​ people just dying to​ buy all that underwear! For example a​ simple thing that you​ could do is​ to​ a​ make a​ ‘Magic Lingerie Wishing Well.’ Make a​ big one out of​ construction paper (that’s large enough for two or​ three to​ people to​ stand in) and line the​ bottom with black sheets. Give the​ whole thing a​ magical feel by decorating it​ with greenery and tinsel and a​ few bras and panties. Tell everyone that they can make a​ special wish that the​ lingerie fairy will grant them,​ by buying a​ piece of​ lingerie and throwing the​ money into the​ well. Just watch the​ money fly!

Play some hilarious games involving lingerie like ‘Pin the​ panty’ on​ Hugh Jackman or​ Kate Moss. (Get the​ appropriate posters beforehand) Hold a​ treasure hunt or​ have everyone vote on​ the​ costumes in​ different categories like the​ best costume,​ most notorious,​ most bizarre etc. Plan it​ well so that that everyone has an​ unforgettable time.

Once you’ve hosted one successful lingerie party,​ it’ll become easier the​ second time around. the​ wonderful thing here is​ that you’ll never be short of​ guests or​ repeat customers,​ once word gets around about your fantastic party. It’s also good business practice to​ make sure that you​ get everyone’s name and phone number. in​ case anyone seems interested in​ hosting a​ lingerie party just like yours,​ you​ could follow it​ up with them later. the​ advantage here is​ that you’ll become very well known as​ a​ lingerie party host/organizer and since you’ll be offering whoever’s interested in​ having you​ organize their own lingerie party a​ percentage of​ all the​ sales made,​ everyone’s happy! Both of​ you​ get to​ make money,​ and the​ company makes a​ lot of​ sales too.

The important thing is​ to​ have fun with it​ all. Growing a​ college lingerie party business can be quite exciting and in​ many ways the​ business will grow itself once you​ establish yourself as​ a​ wonderful party host. So give it​ a​ shot -- you​ might just surprise yourself with how enjoyable it​ is​ and discover a​ profitable part time business into the​ bargain!

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