How To Make Money Using RSS Feeds

RSS,​ (Really Simple Syndication) has become so popular today and is​ being referred to​ by internet users as​ "Pull" Technology rather than "Push" Technology.

It's difficult to​ imagine that anyone who logs on​ to​ the​ Internet has not heard of​ "Spam." Most,​ if​ not all Internet users are inundated with these
advertisements,​ that we did not ask for or​ request.

For those of​ you​ that may not be familiar with the​ term,​ rest assured we're not talking about canned meat here. LOL! Rather,​ it​ is​ unwanted advertising from people that we neither asked for or​ requested to​ recieve. Spam is​ "Push" technology. "Pushed" in​ your face and inbox,​ wanted or​ not.

Many believe this brand of​ "Push" technology is​ or​ will be,​ the​ death of​ email. Yet,​ as​ long as​ there are individuals and companies that continue to​ use the​ illegal spam process,​ email will be around for
a long long time. the​ irony being,​ companies are raking in​ millions,​ selling spam solutions,​ to​ people and big corporations,​ that are Not Working!

RSS,​ is​ the​ Total Opposite of​ the​ above "Push" technology. When subscribing to​ an​ RSS Feed,​ subscribers "Pull" information into their RSS Readers and can only be done so if​ someone voluntarily subscribes to​ a​ particular RSS Feed. if​ they find it's not the​ information they want,​ they can simply unsubscribe and never have to​ recieve another message from the​ owner of​ that particular feed. Hence the​ term "Pull" Technology.

Utilizing RSS "Pull" technology has become a​ popular source of​ income for webmasters that use RSS Feeds on​ their websites. Here's How:

Let's say,​ you​ set up a​ one page mini-site or​ you​ could even set up a​ Blog. a​ Blog would be a​ quick and easy

You can then host ads from either Google Adsense or​ the​ New Yahoo look alike Google Ads. When someone visits
your page and clicks one of​ your ads,​ you​ Get Paid.

If you've followed along and done the​ steps above,​ you've created a​ good starting place. You're going to​ need to​
make sure your pages are optimized properly. This will ensure you​ get your page ranked high in​ the​ search engines.
Like any site or​ page,​ the​ more targeted traffic you​ get,​ greater are the​ chances that someone will click your ads.
Which increases your Income.

Now,​ by using the​ power of​ RSS you​ increase your pages earning potential. When you​ add an​ RSS Feed
to your page,​ you​ convert it​ into an​ ever changing,​ dynamic web page. Bringing you​ an​ abundance of​ visitors who,​ in​ all probability will return to​ read it.

Especially if​ you​ add 10 or​ 15 RSS Feeds to​ your page. you​ will create a​ dynamic,​ ever changing,​ self updating page. Providing valuable content that readers will want to​ read,​ over and over again.

Any web page can be turned into a​ dynamic web page. Just use the​ free RSS creator software called "Carp" This is​ one of​ the​ most popular free versions and can be downloaded here:

After you​ set the​ program up on​ your website and added the​ proper code to​ your website,​ then you​ will
need to​ collect RSS feeds that relate to​ the​ topic of​ your web page.

You've got your web page,​ It's topic is​ about writing articles. Go to​ Google News,​ Get their RSS Feed Code,​ Insert it​ into the​ designated Carp Coding,​ then make the​ necessary changes found below:

Same with,​ adjust the​ code like this:

Once you've got your web page uploaded,​ it​ will automatically pull in​ fresh content from Google and Topix about writing articles.

Do these things for any web page and watch your search engine ranking soar and also your Income!

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