How To Make Money Selling Web Hosting Customers

All over the​ world millions of​ people are investigating how to​ make money at​ home. This is​ probably why the​ search engine term ‘how to​ make money’ brings up over 171 million listings. it​ is​ also why many of​ these ‘how to​ make money’ listings contain thousands maybe even millions of​ scams. Yet,​ there is​ a​ legitimate way to​ make thousands that only a​ select group of​ Internet marketers know. This involves selling web hosting customers. This article will discuss in​ detail the​ basics of​ how to​ make money through this ‘secret’ phenomenon.

To understand how to​ make money selling web hosting customers,​ you​ will need knowledge of​ the​ basic process. Once you​ acquire your own web hosting whether it’s through a​ server or​ through a​ shared hosting arrangement,​ you​ entice potential web hosting customers with an​ incentive. Many use a​ month of​ free web hosting as​ their draw,​ though be aware that this is​ not the​ best method. Why? It’s because a​ web hosting customer may cancel their service once their free month is​ up. the​ customers who plan on​ buying these customers would never see their profit,​ so they wouldn’t want to​ buy from you. For this reason it​ is​ better if​ you​ use a​ free website as​ your draw. This website should be as​ elaborate as​ it​ would be if​ you​ were using it​ for yourself. This includes having SEO-enriched content and an​ attractive layout. if​ you​ lack web design skills,​ you​ can purchase templates very cheaply off of​ E-Bay or​ template websites. And if​ content is​ a​ problem,​ you​ can either use private label content or​ free content from article directories. Though keep in​ mind most webmasters prefer ‘original’ content. Either way,​ once you​ have completed your website,​ make sure it​ is​ 100% ready for use,​ especially if​ your webmaster doesn’t know much about running a​ website. you​ will want to​ present to​ them a​ site that is​ already uploaded on​ the​ Internet. you​ may even want to​ include marketing help. Customers who are able to​ see sales would be more apt to​ continue their membership with you​ for a​ longer period of​ time.

Once you​ have acquired a​ good number of​ customers,​ (which is​ around 100 if​ you’re charging $10 a​ month for web hosting),​ you​ are ready to​ sell them. the​ best venue for selling web hosting customers is​ E-Bay. you​ will want to​ do a​ reserve listing of​ at​ least $2,​000. Remember if​ you​ make your hosting $10 a​ month and you​ sell 100 customers,​ you’ve already made $1,​000. So,​ by selling at​ $2,​000,​ you’ll make another $1,​000 in​ profit. But this of​ course is​ just the​ minimum. it​ is​ possible to​ get $5,​000 or​ more from selling web hosting customers. This number increases the​ more customers you​ have available,​ because the​ more customers you​ have the​ more profit a​ potential buyer would make each month.

In conclusion if​ you’re looking into how to​ make money,​ look no further than the​ opportunity to​ sell web hosting customers. it​ is​ a​ market that is​ high demand yet low supply,​ meaning you​ will have a​ greater chance finding success through this idea. Indeed,​ it​ certainly beats getting scammed by the​ latest ‘how to​ make money’ e-book.

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