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My brother emailed me the​ other day and asked whether an​ infomercial web page,​ you​ know the​ ones that scroll forever,​ was a​ valuable purchase. I checked out the​ page and knew instantly it​ wasn't. How did I know?

The "Be an​ Instant Millionaire" Title

If I see titles containing phrases like these I know it's probably a​ con:

Adsense Riches
The reality is​ that 1% of​ Internet sites make money with Adsense. 99% of​ that 1% is​ Google.

Massive Passive Income Streams
For the​ seller,​ maybe,​ but then why would they be selling their own product? No one sells a​ money making business to​ individuals who come across their web pages by chance. if​ they did they would dilute their own earnings potential; meaning they make more money selling the​ dud system,​ product or​ service,​ than they do utilizing it​ themselves.

How to​ Make Mini Sites
Mini sites never make more than $1 per week. So you’ll need around 2000 of​ them to​ make a​ good living.

100+ Adsense Ready Web Sites
Google penalizes duplicate content and keyword enhanced sites with little content.

Set and forget what? That you​ paid $97 for a​ dead site or​ product? the​ web is​ ever evolving and anything set and forgot last year is​ history.

Massive Amounts of​ Laser-Targeted Traffic
Not without massive amounts of​ organic search engine optimization,​ which takes massive amounts of​ time and expertise,​ or​ bucket loads of​ burning cash on​ pay per click advertising campaigns.

Instant Money Affiliate
There is​ no such thing as​ instant money from affiliate programs. Even the​ most dedicated affiliate marketing companies (let alone individuals) make money from around only twenty top affiliate programs. Most of​ those are from Commission Junction.

Skyrocket Your Adsense
With duplicate content,​ phony cloaking and black hat tricks? Even a​ dedicated SEO cannot manufacture traffic for a​ cheap site. People need a​ reason to​ come to​ your site and laser targeted ad campaigns do not work without spending money. if​ they promise you​ 5000 or​ 10000 etc visitors a​ day it’s probably a​ lie. They can easily ping your site from a​ cloaked URL to​ make it​ look like you​ received a​ visitor.

Cracked the​ Adsense Code
Yes,​ Google cracked it! Google owns the​ code and are the​ only company that makes 99% of​ their profits from the​ Adwords/Adsense Empire. Even the​ top social bookmarking sites would have no value if​ it​ were not for their database of​ users.

Instantly Build Your Own Google Adsense Empire
There is​ no such thing as​ ‘instantly' in​ relation to​ business,​ let alone online business.

Killer Sales Copy
A good copywriter will earn thousands of​ dollars. I don't know of​ a​ single way to​ generate killer sales copy for less. Duplicated killer sales copy is​ useless.

Instant Commission Collectors
True,​ 5% of​ $1 = 5c x 10 000 visitors per month (if you're good) = $500/month. What they mean is​ “Instantly work every single day from 9am to​ 10pm to​ get 10 000 people to​ visit your web site for $500”. What an​ excellent deal!

Paid Surveys
If you​ sit at​ your PC every single day for a​ week you​ can make around $200. Just about enough to​ cover your electricity,​ broadband connection,​ and payments on​ your Notebook.

Buy/Sell Domain Names
All the​ really great domains have gone. Big companies specialize in​ this sort of​ activity and have long thought of​ all the​ obvious domain names. But let's say you​ know of​ a​ new movie being released titled “conmeaffiliates”. if​ you​ buy the​ domain name “” it​ will be valueless within a​ few months. Unless of​ course the​ movie is​ a​ hit,​ in​ which case the​ people who make money out of​ it​ will be the​ producers,​ not you.

Make over $3000 per week doing nothing
If there's nothing to​ do then no money will be earned. Simple rule of​ life isn't it?

Become a​ Millionaire
I know of​ no individual,​ though there may be a​ handful,​ who became a​ millionaire by buying an​ ebook or​ signing up to​ an​ affiliate marketing program. the​ people who make money are the​ ones that show you​ how to​ make money by conning you​ into the​ belief that it's possible. of​ the​ millions of​ ebooks created,​ only a​ handful has made any significant amount of​ money and none of​ them have made millions from a​ single book. There have been a​ few successes here and there but it's the​ tiniest fraction of​ people who attempt it. you​ have to​ be honest with yourself about this.

Secret Decoded or​ Why am I revealing my secrets
There are no secrets. you​ can Google anything.

Instant Niche Web Site
Every single niche worth creating has already been created. Most of​ the​ sub-niches have also been created. It's nearly impossible to​ compete with the​ top blogs. And if​ you​ wanted to​ give it​ a​ go there would be nothing instant about it. You're going to​ be working hard at​ creating rich content,​ or​ your blog will die.

Converting All the​ Way to​ the​ Bank
Please take your bank manager your web traffic statistics and put a​ dollar sign before each line. you​ still won't get a​ loan.

Never work again
Unless it's a​ lotto site,​ by chance.

Give up your day job
Yes yes yes,​ so you​ can work all night,​ ignore your family,​ become addicted to​ getting traffic for your white elephant,​ and believe believe believe you​ are going to​ make it.

Money Machine
You really need to​ be quite a​ clever programmer to​ make a​ money machine,​ to​ a​ point. if​ you​ do not add new features,​ keep up with competitors,​ or​ build links every day,​ you're out. if​ you​ are considering buying a​ so called “money machine” make sure you​ research who made money with it. Your search could take around 12 seconds.

Prints Non-Stop Profits For you​ Automatically
My $100 colour printer can print low-quality non-stop counterfeit.

Now With Google/Yahoo Tracking!
Tracking is​ free. it​ always has been,​ and always will be. if​ an​ infomercial offers you​ tracking,​ don’t believe their statistics. Get your own free tracking.

Big Money Maker
No web site of​ an​ individual is​ a​ big money maker unless the​ individual is​ a​ programmer,​ has special skill that can be sold as​ a​ service,​ or​ has something unique to​ offer,​ or​ say in​ a​ Blog. Money making programs such as​ ‘PPC-direct-to-affiliate-landing-pages’,​ require truck loads of​ cash to​ make around 8%. And that's after generating literally hundreds of​ thousands of​ long tail keywords. Serious keyword research software will cost you​ around $20 000. Affiliate programs can change their policies in​ an​ instant without notifying you​ of​ your impending loss.

The Lazy Way!
There is​ no such thing as​ a​ free lunch.

The Infomercial Web Page as​ a​ 'sales tool' is​ untrustworthy.
Just look out for the​ six signs of​ influence to​ gauge how much selling is​ involved in​ getting you​ to​ buy:

1. Reciprocation,​ the​ old give and take
2. Commitment and Consistency,​ the​ old I'm here to​ help you​
3. Social Proof,​ the​ old recommendations by more losers
4. Liking,​ the​ old photo and signature and boring rags to​ riches story
5. Authority,​ the​ old ‘doctor said' so trick
6. Scarcity,​ there is​ no such thing in​ a​ world of​ abundance

Staggering Statistics and Earnings Graphic
Whenever an​ infomercial web page produces a​ graphic of​ earnings statistics it's probably not true. if​ these people were making money from the​ thing they are selling to​ you​ then there's no money in​ the​ product itself. Otherwise they would be focused on​ utilizing the​ widget themselves.

If you​ ever see the​ “Do you​ Want Proof?” question followed by an​ earnings graphic,​ consider the​ implication of​ clicking the​ Back button in​ your browser. Anyone can use Excel and Photoshop. What kind of​ proof is​ a​ graphic? I would insist the​ seller send their complete bank statement to​ me before I buy and see what sort of​ response I get.

The Time Limited Offer
Date stamped web pages that show today's date are probably a​ lie. Come back tomorrow to​ reveal the​ truth. Watch out for date stamped pages that appear to​ be around 3 – 6 weeks ago. They too can be a​ con. the​ developer may have simply adjusted the​ JavaScript code to​ display today's date minus some days or​ weeks. Anyway,​ 99% of​ these products are digital and for obvious reasons there is​ no time limit.

Quick - Only 193 left before we sell this one out!
The seller will most likely create a​ new template (which is​ really no better than the​ previous one,​ for they are all always so simplistic) and slap it​ on​ their old product. Then they change some landing page design elements,​ or​ the​ domain and product name,​ and set off again in​ search of​ new suckers.

Too Many Recommendations
95% of​ those recommendations are from Partner affiliates i.e. other Partners selling other junk. the​ other 5% are usually the​ hipnotees.


The Email Address Request
If you​ have to​ give your email address away to​ a​ stranger to​ get to​ page two you​ already know it's a​ con. They're using the​ web page as​ email bait. They don't care about the​ product. They want your email so they can send you​ offers using their Autoresponder system. Their Autoresponders are laden with scheduled email offers. it​ gets worse. if​ you​ opt out of​ their email subscription they have confirmed your email address is​ real and you​ are using it.

The Phony Free Giveaways Valued at​ Hundreds of​ Dollars
None of​ these so called giveaways are worth anything. Affiliate marketers can easily acquire White Label Rights (the right to​ use their own branding) on​ junk ebooks. There are literally thousands available. Also,​ affiliate marketers will partner together and share digital products on​ each other's web sites.

Pictures of​ the​ site owner’s Ferrari,​ mansion,​ jet,​ boat,​ and the​ cartoon of​ a​ man with US$ in​ hand,​ are all a​ lie.

The Adsense Con
The only people who make money out of​ Adsense are those that work tirelessly every single day to​ add value to​ the​ web through meaningful and in-depth web pages and sites. These potentially profitable sites are high profile blogs,​ some top article directories,​ and industry specific,​ niche,​ or​ vertical forums.

Sites that make worthwhile money from Adsense will probably:

• be rated in​ the​ top 25 000 on​
• receive over 10 000 unique visitors per day > 30 000 page views
• be social media hubs or​ portals with massive databases of​ users
• have quality SEO with extensive quality inbound link networks
• add value to​ a​ product or​ service greatly in​ demand
• be MP3,​ software download,​ or​ other digital media hubs
• be Google

Brother,​ please apply my points above to​ every web-infomercial landing page you​ come across. Alternatively,​ if​ you're feeling charitable,​ just send me the​ $97. you​ know I'll never pay you​ back but you​ will feel a​ lot better than being ripped off by a​ stranger.

Lots of​ love,​
Your brother

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