How To Make Money Online As An Ebay Affiliate

How To Make Money Online As An Ebay Affiliate

If you​ are new to​ internet marketing,​ you​ should learn how to​ make money online from eBay. if​ you​ have not heard of​ eBay than you​ must have just landed from another planet,​ since it​ is​ the​ world’s biggest and best known online auction site.

There are many different ways of​ making money online,​ ranging from affiliate marketing to​ direct sales of​ your own product. Affiliate marketing is​ a​ method of​ making money by selling products belonging to​ other people. you​ basically earn a​ commission every time you​ send a​ prospect to​ somebody’s sales page that results in​ a​ sale. There are subtle differences between affiliate marketing and acting as​ a​ salesperson for someone else,​ but the​ end result is​ the​ same: if​ somebody buys then you​ earn money.

However,​ you​ can also earn affiliate money,​ not by finding prospects that purchase a​ product,​ but that sign up for service. There are many online membership companies that can make a​ lot of​ money from people who register for their service,​ and eBay is​ one of​ the​ biggest. eBay is​ an​ internet auction site that allows you​ to​ sell products and to​ purchase them. Many eBay sellers are ordinary people selling items that they no longer have a​ use for. you​ could sell an​ old CD,​ jewellery,​ books and anything you​ think you​ can get money for.

Others are professionals who use eBay as​ a​ store front,​ and eBay even provides them with an​ online shop from which they can advertise and sell their goods. While you​ can make money by purchasing items,​ and reselling them back at​ a​ higher price than you​ paid for them,​ there are other ways in​ which to​ make money from eBay. When you​ sell a​ product,​ eBay charges you​ a​ fee for the​ insertion of​ your item into their auction and also a​ final valuation fee,​ based on​ the​ eventual selling price.

The insertion fee varies according to​ the​ features you​ want included in​ your listing,​ such as​ pictures,​ bold text and so on. if​ you​ know how to​ go about it,​ you​ can earn between 50% and 75% of​ these fees through purchases made by buyers that you​ have sent to​ eBay to​ make the​ purchase. This is​ called being an​ eBay affiliate,​ and many people use this means of​ making money as​ their full time income.

There are actually two ways in​ which you​ can make money as​ an​ eBay affiliate: by referring buyers to​ specific auctions from which they make a​ purchase,​ and also by persuading people to​ register with eBay. you​ have to​ do nothing to​ earn that money except advertise eBay,​ and what could be easier than advertising the​ biggest online auction company in​ the​ world?

In fact it​ is​ not quite as​ easy as​ you​ might believe,​ since you​ are not the​ only person doing it. For best results you​ will need to​ have your own website,​ and not only that but a​ different website or​ web page for every product or​ keyword that you​ are promoting. More on​ that later. However,​ if​ you​ can achieve that,​ then consider the​ benefits.

Your web page could contain details of​ all current eBay auctions on​ your keyword,​ for example SatNav or​ GPS systems. These are selling from over $150 to​ around $1000 per item,​ and if​ you​ advertise these auctions on​ your web page,​ then you​ can get a​ good proportion of​ the​ eBay fees for each listing you​ are instrumental in​ selling. Not only that,​ but thousands are registering with eBay daily,​ and you​ get $25 to​ $35 for each person that registers from your website.

Many people interested in​ purchasing a​ new GPS navigation system at​ a​ fraction of​ the​ normal retail price will not be members of​ eBay,​ and will have to​ register first. you​ can make it​ easy for them to​ do so,​ and even customize the​ link so that they are taken to​ the​ appropriate registration page for their country.

So now you​ have two sources of​ income: purchases and registrations. How about more? you​ can add some Adsense blocks to​ your web pages as​ an​ additional income stream. Google will place adverts on​ your page that are relevant to​ the​ product you​ are promoting. Thus,​ Google will add a​ few GPS Google Adwords adverts (the adverts on​ the​ right hand side of​ a​ Google search results page) at​ places on​ the​ page selected by you. you​ get paid every time a​ visitor clicks on​ the​ ad. They don’t have to​ buy,​ just click. How cool is​ that? you​ can also place some Amazon adverts relating to​ the​ topic on​ your page,​ and get commission every time a​ visitor purchases from Amazon.

However,​ all of​ this involves a​ degree of​ skill that most people entering the​ arena of​ internet marketing for the​ first time do not have. you​ might think that there should be some way in​ which this could be made easier. After all,​ there must be people making money from eBay in​ this way that are fairly new to​ online business.

In fact you​ would be right,​ and there are easier ways than you​ having to​ build a​ new website manually for every product. There are companies online offering software to​ do this for you. if​ you​ find such software,​ then the​ whole process,​ including placing the​ eBay adverts,​ the​ Adsense and the​ Amazon ads among others,​ can be carried out with the​ click of​ a​ button.

Being an​ eBay affiliate is​ one of​ the​ easiest ways to​ make money online: you​ don’t need a​ product,​ and if​ you​ have the​ right software,​ you​ don’t need knowledge. Even a​ child could do it. That’s the​ way to​ make money online. Easy and simple!

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