How To Make Money On The Internet Or How Not To

How To Make Money On The Internet Or How Not To

Well if​ you​ are reading this article then that means you​ really
want to​ make money online!

But I bet your totally confused and don’t know what’s real anymore?

And your probably kind of​ sick of​ all seeing the​ same things and over and over again,​ and not knowing if​ they work. you​ probably hear positive things and negative things about every program out there. I know I do!

Seriously if​ I see one more web page or​ add about selling on​ ebay or​ filling out survey’s im going to​ go crazy.

I’ve been on​ the​ internet now for along time,​ I’ve gone in​ circles and tried everything there is​ to​ make money. After all things are said and done,​ the​ main thing I realized is,​ if​ someone is​ trying to​ sell you​ the​ information for a​ dollar amount $ (whatever it​ may be) without giving you​ even the​ slightest idea of​ what you​ are buying,​ then DON’T BUY IT!

You will end up getting the​ same thing you​ probably bought 3 times already.

I think it​ is​ pointless for a​ business to​ try and sell something to​ a​ customer,​ but yet only tell you​ “You will make money!” umm ya how?

I mean that’s like going into a​ shoe store and the​ sales person saying “Buy these shoes,​ they will help you​ walk,​ but you​ can’t see them until you​ give me the​ money!”

WOULD you​ BUY the​ SHOES?

The best plan for any business that I can give advice to,​ is​ come up with a​ business plan where you​ tell the​ customer what their doing and how it’s done,​ but only hold back say: the​ name of​ the​ company you​ need to​ buy the​ products from or​ whatever it​ may be.

There are a​ few sites out there that are actually worth your time and will offer you​ free information. These sites are often ignored because they are free,​ and for some reason today in​ society people seem to​ think if​ something is​ free then it​ is​ of​ no value! That’s actually the​ farthest thing from the​ truth. the​ best things in​ life are free,​ (we all know this).

I am going to​ go over a​ few things that repeatedly show up on​ the​ internet again and again,​ trying to​ make you​ buy their information,​ only to​ find out that you​ will make less money doing what they suggest,​ than what you​ paid for it!

1. Selling on​ Auction sites or​ Buying wholesale lists.(Drop shipping)

Ok selling on​ auction sites can be a​ means to​ earn money,​ but it​ depends on​ what you’re selling. if​ you​ own a​ brick and mortar store (a real live store) it​ can be a​ way to​ add to​ your revenue and sell extra things on​ the​ side. But selling of​ the​ internet (droppshiped item) or​ buying wholesale items,​ is​ usually a​ complete waste of​ time. Think about how many people those wholesale lists are available to,​ and how many people are going to​ be competing with you​ to​ sell that same item. This in​ turn leaves you​ with very little profit. Not to​ mention that almost all wholesale lists online are out of​ date and most of​ the​ time the​ items are not even actually whole sale priced. Plus you​ must pay the​ listing fee for your item,​ the​ final sale value %,​ and then other fees for processing payments! in​ the​ end you​ really only made like $3 and hour. is​ that worth your time?

I’m not saying every product is​ like that,​ there are a​ few niche items (if you​ can find them) that might sell well and have a​ good conversion for you,​ but as​ soon as​ you​ find them so will someone else,​ and on​ and on​ the​ cycle goes!

2. Filling out Surveys.


This has to​ be the​ biggest waste of​ time on​ the​ internet today. I personally have never even touched that area. I know allot of​ people who have though,​ and it​ has only led to​ disappointment. There are so many sites promising you​ $10 here $40 there to​ fill out a​ simple online survey.

Ok so first they want you​ to​ pay to​ find out where the​ surveys are,​ and then when you​ pay them and go to​ fill out the​ survey’s you​ find out that to​ your surprise,​ you​ must qualify to​ fill out the​ survey. For example: you​ must be between 5’9 and 5’10 ,​ weight 62lbs and not eat for three days,​ you​ must have black hair and blue eyes and live on​ the​ moon! So hmm I guess I don’t get the​ $40?

Or you​ can fill out 2 hour surveys about what brand of​ toothpaste you​ like and you​ will get paid $2! Need I say more?

3. Online Rebate Processors

This one is​ kind of​ new to​ the​ online world of​ offers. There are a​ few sites (that look very similar!) that offers you​ a​ list of​ people to​ work for,​ and promising you​ $15 a​ rebate. OK this depends on​ the​ price of​ the​ rebate,​ the​ company you​ are issuing the​ rebate for and on​ and on. as​ far I know,​ there is​ only one company that actually pays that (off the​ list they give you) and they won’t accept any more employees. So unless you​ want to​ spend $40 to​ get the​ list and then make about $1 a​ rebate,​ don’t waste your time.

4. Billing processor,​ medical billing specialist or​ transcriptionist.

All I have to​ say about this one is​ if​ you​ are interests make sure you​ look for work through a​ local business that you​ can actually talk to​ and call. or​ you​ will end up working for some random office in​ Malaysia or​ some foreign country getting paid .12 cents an​ hour.

5. Paid to​ surf

There are many,​ many sites out there promising you​ money to​ surf the​ net or​ read emails. That’s because they are trying to​ get you​ to​ sign up for their programs. you​ get paid like .1 cent an​ email and a​ few cents a​ web page as​ long as​ you’re at​ the​ web page for at​ least 30 to​ 60 seconds. That's a​ total waste of​ time.

6. Getting a​ free website to​ sell other peoples things!

Ok this will make you​ a​ few buck here and there,​ but the​ amount it​ costs to​ advertise,​ and then the​ small % you​ get back in​ return isn’t really worth it. Really you​ are just making money for the​ person above you​ and they are giving you​ a​ very small % of​ what they make. Also there is​ so much competition in​ this market that you​ have to​ find a​ very small niche with very specific products that are not so over marketed.

7. Forex (trading currencies)

Is actually one of​ the​ best ways to​ make money online,​ if​ you​ practice a​ little and know what you’re doing. the​ reason some people over look this is​ because there is​ a​ work involved and you​ need to​ learn the​ system. It’s not a​ get rich quick scheme,​ but it​ is​ a​ get rich long term scheme.

Forex is​ : the​ currency trading (FOREX) market is​ the​ biggest and fastest growing market on​ earth. Its daily turnover is​ more than 2.5 trillion dollars. the​ participants in​ this market are banks,​ organizations,​ investors and private individuals,​ just like you.


This is​ a​ hard to​ explain system,​ but I have used it​ for over a​ year and it’s worked for me this long. the​ reason I think it’s a​ good system in​ the​ first place is​ because of​ exactly what I said earlier,​ you​ don’t have to​ pay a​ single cent to​ get all the​ information there is​ to​ get about the​ system. People make a​ great living off of​ it​ and it’s totally free. you​ get a​ free ebook to​ read it​ all over,​ and it​ doesn’t involve anything I have mentioned above. No marketing,​ no forms,​ no calling,​ no selling or​ buying,​ no emailing,​ no nothing really! And when something’s free and promises to​ make you​ a​ good income,​ I always check it​ out. I mean what can it​ hurt,​ it’s free? you​ can get a​ free copy for yourself at​

It’s something I enjoy,​ its fun and I make really good money from it. Its not hard to​ do and you​ get all the​ info for free,​ which is​ a​ huge bonus from my point of​ view or​ anyone that is​ trying to​ find a​ good income earner but don’t want to​ pay before they know what it​ is!

So that is​ my opinion on​ the​ latest online money makers! I can’t speak for everyone,​ but I have extensively tested or​ know someone who has tested,​ all the​ methods above.

I hate to​ see people waste their time,​ because there are so many things out there that are a​ huge time waster.

I have been online now for along time,​ and have tested program after program,​ I wrote this article to​ share my ventures and to​ try to​ give some advice,​ whoever it​ may help,​ so that people who are new to​ the​ online industry of​ making money might have some direction on​ where to​ go or​ what to​ try and not try.

I will continue to​ write articles on​ all new money making methods I try,​ until then good luck and I hope you​ benefit from this advice.

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