How To Make Money From Vending Sites

How to​ Make Money From Vending Sites
Many of​ us take vending machines for granted,​ and don’t realise what a​ competitive market it​ is​ .​
The financial success of​ a​ vending machine is​ largely down to​ its site,​ or​ position,​ so choosing a​ good vending site can make a​ big difference to​ the​ profits to​ be made.
Why tell you​ about vending sites? It’s because running vending machines is​ potentially very lucrative and,​ with the​ right support and training,​ can be a​ great way to​ make money without having to​ work full-time.
Why is​ a​ vending site important?
Pick the​ wrong site for your vending machine and you’ll never get any customers .​
It’s a​ basic marketing strategy to​ look at​ areas where there’s a​ lot of​ footfall – people passing by – and where a​ vending machine could work .​
There’s a​ lot of​ competition for good sites,​ but equally,​ there are a​ lot of​ places where there are no vending machines at​ all,​ so identifying the​ type of​ sites that work well and then finding those businesses,​ retailers or​ leisure outlets that need additional vending could see the​ profits rolling in​ .​
Picking the​ right site is​ the​ difference between profit and loss.
Which sites work well?
There are several areas where vending machines always work well:
Company canteens – many companies are saving money by reducing the​ staff and food availability in​ their in-house canteens .​
Vending machines are the​ obvious replacement and can also be sited in​ staff areas and internal and external smoking areas.
Leisure sites – vending machines are popular with gyms,​ swimming pools and other leisure outlets .​
Whether they are offering energy drinks,​ water or​ regular snacks,​ there is​ always a​ demand from those who have been exercising.
Shopping centres – although large shopping centres usually have cafes and food outlets,​ they also need to​ cater for people who want a​ snack on​ the​ run,​ and who don’t want to​ queue for a​ meal or​ wait for a​ coffee .​
Centrally-located vending machines,​ near to​ entrances,​ cash machines,​ lifts and escalators are usually profitable.
Finding the​ right site for your vending machines is​ as​ important as​ what you’re selling from them .​
Get it​ right and you​ could find yourself at​ the​ head of​ a​ successful vending operation.

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