How To Make Money From Internet Auctions

How To Make Money From Internet Auctions

If your business is​ not using eBay and other Internet auctions,​ you​ could be missing out. Here are just a​ few ways of​ generating additional income,​ profits and cashflow from online auctions.

1. Convert Excess Assets to​ Cash

Sell personal or​ business items that you​ no longer use. For example,​ are there slow moving inventory
items in​ your store? a​ major camera store chain sells their slow movers,​ quite successfully,​ through eBay.

2. Buy and Sell Anything

Sometimes people put things out in​ the​ garbage because they don`t need them anymore and don`t know anyone who could use them. you​ can successfully sell some of​ these items by Internet auction.

As well,​ if​ you​ pick up bargains from garage sales,​ flea markets,​ importers,​ wholesalers,​ closeout dealers or​ other sources,​ these items can also be sold through online auctions.

3. Drop Shipping

There are suppliers who will ship one item at​ a​ time for you. you​ don`t have to​ stock any inventory. you​ simply pay your dropship supplier out of​ the​ money you​ receive from your auction sale. They will ship the​ product directly to​ your customer.

4. Self-Publishing

Do you​ have expertise in​ a​ specialized area of​ interest to​ people? Then,​ you​ could publish your own information product.

A very popular format for self-publishing information products is​ the​ electronic book (or e-book). E-book compilers,​ some of​ which are free,​ are readily available on​ the​ Internet. When people buy your e-book,​ they can download it​ from your website or​ receive it​ by e-mail.

You could sell such self-published information products on​ eBay and other Internet auction sites.
Incidentally,​ online auctions are an​ inexpensive method of​ testing the​ market for your information (or other) products.

5. Reprint and Resale Rights

You may not want to​ produce your own information products presently. Or,​ perhaps,​ you​ may already
have an​ information product,​ but would like to​ supplement your income with additional,​ related product offerings. This is​ where reprint and resale rights come in.

You can buy the​ rights to​ reprint or​ resell excellent information products created by other people. Some of​ these rights are inexpensive.

In addition to​ selling these products from your own website,​ you​ can use Internet auctions to​ create extra sales. Another advantage of​ online auctions is​ that they can create additional traffic for your website.

6. Sell Your Services

Do you​ design logos or​ websites? Do you​ sell consulting or​ other services? These,​ also,​ can be successfully sold through eBay and other auction sites.

7. Run an​ eBay Consignment Shop

There are still people who don`t have a​ computer or​ who don`t use eBay. you​ could sell on​ a​ consignment basis for them,​ taking a​ commission on​ the​ successful sale. you​ would need to​ charge for advertising expenses incurred,​ such as​ eBay listing and selling fees.

8. Promote Affiliate Programs through Auctions

Some affiliate programs have brandable e-books that contain your affiliate link. When people order from the​ e-book that they bought from your online auction,​ you​ get credit for the​ sale. as​ well,​ some of​ those purchasers may sign up as​ affiliates,​ earning you​ additional commissions.

Some of​ these e-books have valuable information that is​ worth the​ nominal value you​ would sell it​ for on​ eBay. in​ other cases,​ such an​ e-book is​ readily available for free. in​ this latter case,​ you​ might consider selling another related product and offer the​ e-book as​ a​ free bonus.

9. Supply Fellow Online Auctioneers

During the​ gold rush days,​ it​ is​ said that those who sold picks and shovels were more likely to​ make money than those panning for gold. Similarly,​ since there is​ such a​ big market for online auctions,​ you​ can make money supplying eBayers with information and auction tools to​ help them start and grow their own online auction business.

10. Internet Auction Consulting

As you​ gain experience and expertise in​ online auctions,​ you​ might consider charging for your knowledge.

Consulting services,​ seminars,​ information products and other ways of​ packaging your knowledge can earn you​ additional income streams.

These are just a​ few of​ the​ ways you​ can profit from Internet auctions.

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