How To Make Money From Freebie Seekers

How To Make Money From Freebie Seekers

How to​ Make Money From Freebie Seekers
There's a​ common misconception that people who search for free stuff online are not good prospects as​ customers .​
While that may be true in​ many cases,​ that doesn't mean they can't help you​ make money.
We're going to​ discuss how you​ can make money from these freebie seekers by not selling them any products.
You're going to​ send these people to​ companies which will pay you​ for each lead you​ send them.
These pay per lead companies will pay you​ each time you​ send them a​ visitor who does one of​ a​ few things:
1.) Fills out a​ form to​ request a​ free sample
2.) Downloads a​ free software program
3.) Signs up for a​ newsletter
What's important to​ know is​ that these people will not be handing over any money to​ the​ company .​
Yet,​ you​ can still generate an​ income by sending visitors to​ these companies.
That's because these companies know that they will make back the​ money they invest in​ paying for the​ leads.
Here is​ a​ reputable company which will bring you​ quality pay per lead offers:
There are many others in​ various niches .​
You can find them through Google.
You've found the​ lead companies .​
Now you​ need to​ find the​ freebie seekers and do some match making .​
Have a​ look at​ any of​ the​ various keyword research tools on​ the​ market .​
You'll find tons of​ people searching free stuff.
These freebie seekers don't stop at​ just one freebie .​
When they're on​ a​ roll,​ they'll practically run over anybody that gets in​ their way to​ find more free offers.
There's another similar market that you​ could even tackle .​
That's the​ coupon market .​
People who are searching for all sorts of​ coupons and rebates for products online.
There are enough companies using Adwords to​ advertise their sites that you​ could set up a​ content site and make money by placing Adsense ads on​ your sites.
I used to​ wonder how these sites were making money when their focus was on​ free stuff .​
Now using pay per lead programs and Adsense,​ I​ can see how much money there is​ flowing in​ this niche.

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