How To Make Money From Affiliate Ebooks Without Selling Them

How To Make Money From Affiliate Ebooks Without Selling Them

The standard way to​ make money from Ebooks is​ to​ sell them to​ our website visitors and our mailing list.

But what if​ we don’t have many website visitors,​ and don’t have a​ huge mailing list?

How do we sell them? And is​ selling the​ Ebook the​ only way to​ make money out of​ them?

This series of​ articles will be in​ three parts:

Part one: How to​ make money from Affiliate Ebooks without selling them.

Part two: How to​ use Ebooks and Ebay to​ build your mailing list.

Part three: How to​ use Ebooks to​ drive more visitors to​ your site.

First,​ let’s look at​ some other ways to​ make money from Ebooks.

One way is​ to​ give them away! But how does that make money for me? you​ may ask!

Let’s say we have an​ Ebook that we acquired from someone else and we have full re-sale rights.

Inside this Ebook there are usually one or​ two,​ (maybe more) active links to​ the​ affiliate program that we got the​ Ebook from.

These links will be traceable links to​ either the​ affiliate that sold or​ gave us the​ Ebook or​ the​ owner of​ the​ Affiliate program.

Now if​ we click on​ one of​ those links and go to​ the​ affiliate program,​ find something we need and buy it! Who gets the​ commission for the​ sale?

The person that gave/sold us the​ Ebook!

Now we can just sell the​ Ebook and make a​ few dollars,​ but if​ we want more money we have to​ sell more Ebooks,​ right? the​ answer is​ yes and no.

Let’s look at​ us selling more Ebooks first,​ we sell more and make a​ little bit more money,​ those Ebooks are going to​ go out to​ more people,​ which might click on​ the​ link in​ it,​ when they do,​ who gets the​ commission on​ any sales? the​ answer is​ the​ affiliate who gave/sold us the​ Ebook.

It’s plain to​ see who is​ leveraging and earning more money for less effort isn’t it?

So what we do is​ become an​ affiliate! Then go about the​ business of​ giving our Ebook away to​ as​ many people as​ possible,​ who will then try to​ sell it​ to​ others,​ who will in​ turn do the​ same,​ etc… so this way WE are the​ ones using leverage,​ and making more money!

But wait a​ minute! Why would anyone want to​ do that for us,​ wouldn’t they think like us and become an​ affiliate? the​ answer is​ YES! That’s the​ idea!

Now,​ they join as​ an​ affiliate through us,​ and put their affiliate URL in​ the​ Ebook and then they promoted as​ vigorously as​ we did! This is​ the​ ultimate goal for us! BECAUSE,​ they joined the​ affiliate program through us,​ they are now a​ “second tier” in​ our affiliate account.

So now,​ not only do we get a​ large percentage in​ commission from anyone that buys something through our affiliate link in​ the​ Ebooks we promote,​ but we also get a​ small percentage for any sales generated by our second tier!

This can go on​ and on​ depending on​ the​ particular affiliate program,​ but it’s plain to​ see the​ “viral effect” this would have on​ our affiliate link.

Many people will be willing to​ add our Ebook to​ their emailing list as​ a​ way of​ adding value to​ their customers,​ if​ it’s free then why not! This will send our links all over the​ planet,​ along with the​ steps outlined above.

This is​ one way that Ebooks can be used to​ make money,​ there are many,​ many other ways,​ so we should always think about other ways and means to​ leverage our efforts this is​ the​ secret to​ successful marketing.

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