How To Make Money By Becoming A Commercial Cleaning Consultant

How to​ Make Money By Becoming a​ Commercial Cleaning Consultant
With a​ large boom of​ new businesses over the​ past 5 years cleaning consultants are making a​ lot of​ money .​
What is​ a​ cleaning consultant? a​ cleaning consultant is​ a​ person that analyzes a​ companies cleaning expenditures and recommends ways to​ save money on​ their cleaning expenses .​
a​ cleaning consultant can make money both from the​ businesses that are being analyzed and referral fees charged to​ cleaning companies for referrals.
Becoming a​ cleaning consultant is​ relatively easy .​
the​ first thing to​ do is​ gain knowledge about how cleaning companies work,​ the​ services they provide and current rates for cleaning in​ your area .​
If you​ look in​ the​ phone book there is​ an​ abundance of​ cleaning companies in​ every city nationwide .​
Most of​ these companies would gladly pay you​ a​ referral fee for a​ cleaning account because of​ fierce competition in​ the​ commercial cleaning industry today .​
on​ the​ opposite end most business will pay you​ a​ consulting fee for saving them money on​ their cleaning needs .​
When you​ have researched the​ commercial cleaning market in​ your area its time to​ set up a​ few cleaning comapanies as​ referral clients .​
the​ easy way to​ accomplish this is​ to​ pick a​ few smaller commercial cleaning companies who are just starting out .​
Set up and agree on​ a​ referral fee with these comapanies for each of​ the​ businesses that you​ send their way .​
It is​ advisable to​ choose cleaning companies that represent different areas of​ the​ cleaning market .​
An example of​ these different areas would be a​ cleaning company that provides basic cleaning needs,​ carpet cleaning companies and duct cleaning companies .​
Make sure to​ pick at​ least three companies in​ these cleaning categories so that you​ can have them compete for the​ lowest pricing possible.
After you​ have agreed on​ a​ referral fee from these cleaning companies its time to​ approach businesses that need cleaning services .​
a​ great way to​ approach a​ business is​ to​ offer a​ guarantee that if​ you​ don't save them money you​ don't get paid .​
the​ basic plan is​ to​ analyze what they are currently spending on​ their cleaning needs and suggest ways that they can save money by utilizing the​ cleaning companies you​ represent .​
Take a​ good look at​ every dollar they spend on​ cleaning including cleaning labor,​ janitorial supplies used for cleaning and basic sanitary supplies such as​ restroom products and waste management needs .​
Once you​ have made a​ list and priced out each of​ their commercial cleaning expenditures its time to​ create bids for the​ cleaning companies that you​ have recruited .​
Be detailed when submitting cleaning bids to​ these companies and spell out the​ standards of​ each cleaning task that is​ to​ be performed .​
Once they have filled out bids compare them for the​ lowest pricing and present the​ winners to​ the​ businesses that need to​ be cleaned.
A great extra way to​ make money being a​ cleaning consultant is​ to​ also provide sources for the​ cleaning and janitorial supplies that are needed for a​ facility .​
Contact local and internet janitorial supply houses for the​ best prices on​ products and make up a​ small catalog that you​ can present to​ both your commercial cleaning associates and the​ businesses that are being cleaned .​
Overall being a​ cleaning consultant is​ a​ win win situation for everybody involved with opportunities for you​ to​ make some good money also.

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