This is​ a​ very lucrative business,​ and it's growing in​ demand and
popularity .​
There are thousands of​ people in​ all parts of​ the
world who are making hundreds of​ dollars each week,​ just reading
and clipping news item in​ the​ privacy of​ their own homes!
The press-clipping business is​ very much misunderstood by most
people,​ and therefor there are a​ lot of​ people who are very
skeptical about it​ as​ a​ way for ordinary people to​ make extra
money at​ home .​
If you​ explain to​ friends or​ neighbors that you
operate a​ press clipping business,​ most of​ them will think you
pore through the​ obituaries,​ funeral notices,​ ad wedding
announcements .​
Clipping these out and sending them to​ people or
relatives of​ the​ people being written about.
In reality,​ this is​ but a​ very small part of​ the​ home-based
newspaper clipping service .​
The really successful press clipping
services have contracts with companies and organizations that
want to​ keep current on​ any number of​ matters reported in​ the
Some companies hire clipping services in​ order to​ keep track of
what their competitors are doing .​
Other companies,​ including
businesses of​ all kinds,​ use clipping services as​ a​ means of
locating sales leads and new customers .​
National magazines and
newspapers are a;ways in​ ned of​ different or​ interesting
material,​ and frequently employ home-based clipping services.
To set yourself up in​ this kind of​ business,​ you'll need only a
pair of​ scissors and as​ many different newspapers and magazines
as you​ can subscribe to​ .​
a​ visit to​ your local public library
should be most informative relative to​ newspapers and magazines
available to​ subscribers.
You should also visit your local wholesale paper house,​ or​ make a
deal with te local stationery store to​ buy labels at​ a​ discount
price .​
You'll want to​ attach these labels to​ the​ top of​ each
clipping you​ send to​ your clients .​
On these labels,​ you'll want
to print the​ name of​ the​ publication th clipping came from,​ and
the date it​ appeared,​ as​ well as​ your on​ name and address.
The next step is​ simply to​ start clipping articles that mention
or talk about specific companies or​ people .​
File you​ clippings in
envelopes or​ boxes according to​ industries or​ types of
businesses,​ by company name,​ ad according to​ the​ names of​ the
people mentioned.
Once you​ have ten or​ more clippings that talk about a​ particular
company or​ person,​ put them in​ a​ envelope and send them to​ that
company's owner or​ public relations director .​
You should include
a short note with the​ clippings,​ explaining your service and your
fees .​
Your should try to​ get your clients to​ agree to​ pay you​ a​ monthly
reader's fe,​ for which you​ agree to​ look for anything in​ the
newspaper about him or​ his company or​ industry .​
Every time you
spot such an​ article,​ you​ of​ course clip it,​ and send it​ to​ him.
A minimum monthly reader's fee is​ usually $25,​but it​ can vary
according to​ the​ number of​ publications you​ read,​ and thee number
of clippings found.
Generally,​ a​ clipping service that scans statewide publications
charge about $50 per client,​ or​ $100 per client for those wanting
clippings from national publications .​
These fees,​ of​ course,​ are
monthly fees,​ and you​ can easily see how you​ could make very good
money with just 20 or​ 25 clients.
To promote and build your business,​ you​ can scan your local
business services directory and send out a​ solicitation letter to
each of​ those listed .​
a​ couple days after you've posted your
sales letter,​ you​ should follow up with a​ phone call.
A short,​ to-the-point ad under Business Personals in​ your daily
newspaper will also bring in​ new clients for you​ .​
And as​ soon you
can afford it,​ go with at​ least a​ small display ad in​ the​ yellow
pages of​ your telephone directory.
You should definitely contact relations firms,​ advertising
agencies,​and civic organizations in​ your area .​
Explain your
services and ask them if​ they have any special clients or​ needs
you can help them with .​
You'll find many of​ your local political
and cause groups very interested in​ receiving clippings about
their opponents.
Clipping services in​ one form or​ another have been around since
the advent of​ the​ printing press,​ and as​ stated earlier,​ they're
becoming more in​ demand .​
It's definitely the​ kid of​ business
anyone who knows how to​ read can set up ad operate with an
absolute minimum investment .​

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