How To Make Big Money With Your Band

How to​ Make Big Money With Your Band
Being a​ musician for many years now,​ all I​ ever wanted to​ do was to​ be able to​ make a​ good living by doing what I​ can't do without,​ which is​ performing and writing music .​
Its a​ blessing to​ be on​ a​ stage looking out over a​ big room full of​ people to​ share your music with .​
You'll never experience a​ feeling like it .​
Just the​ satisfaction of​ knowing that for that moment in​ time you​ are completely understood .​
Its extremely gratifying and addictive.
Over the​ years,​ its become evident to​ me that I'm not the​ only one who feels this way .​
Its only natural to​ want the​ band that your in​ to​ be a​ success .​
I've received letters for years from people just like you​ wanting to​ know how to​ grow their fan base and how to​ turn their craft into something profitable .​
Well,​ you​ can do these two things at​ the​ same time .​
Right now,​ I'm putting the​ finishing touches on​ a​ book that actually shows you​ everything you​ need to​ know about how to​ become a​ successful band .​
And its not just for beginners either,​ this book should be an​ essential for any band who wants to​ quickly become a​ fan favorite and start making serious money .​
I​ will tell you​ how you​ can get your hands on​ a​ copy of​ it​ a​ little bit later,​ but first I​ want to​ touch on​ a​ few things that's in​ the​ book.
First,​ I​ hate to​ be the​ one who has to​ tell you​ this,​ but these days its practically impossible to​ be a​ success on​ the​ music alone .​
There are actually a​ few things that fans take into consideration when deciding to​ like your band,​ and all of​ these things will be explained in​ the​ book .​
I​ will show you​ how to​ get out of​ the​ garage and onto a​ stage .​
And,​ yes it​ does matter where the​ guitar player,​ the​ bass player,​ the​ keyboardist(if you​ have one),​ the​ drummer,​ and the​ singer is​ positioned on​ stage .​
Or if​ you​ have anybody else in​ your band,​ such as​ back up singers and/or a​ horn section,​ I​ will also teach you​ all of​ that too,​ in​ a​ chapter called the​ successful band formula .​
The real important thing to​ know if​ your in​ a​ band is​ you​ need a​ forever growing following .​
That's essential for the​ success of​ a​ band .​
And the​ only way to​ know that is​ as​ a​ band,​ you​ are a​ creative entity and a​ business .​
I​ know as​ the​ artist that you​ are,​ I​ know the​ last sentence is​ a​ hard one to​ swallow,​ and deservingly so,​ but for the​ public to​ like you,​ they have to​ be able to​ take you​ home with them and think about you​ .​
And they do that with products such as​ c.d.'s,​ shirts,​etc .​
It is​ very important to​ bring band recordings to​ your shows to​ sell .​
If you​ don't have any other products,​ you​ should at​ least have c.d.'s .​
It gives you​ extra income and more importantly,​ it​ gives your ever growing audience the​ opportunity to​ get familiar with your music.
Presentation is​ the​ key to​ being well liked at​ your shows .​
Your first shows should be all about winning the​ whole crowd over,​ and the​ only way you​ can do that is​ very good,​ well rehearsed presentation .​
And that's not just rehearsing your music .​
Presentation is​ the​ show as​ a​ whole .​
From the​ stage show to​ your backdrop to​ the​ table where your products are sold and the​ people behind the​ table helping you​ sell the​ products .​
It should be a​ well oiled,​ fine tuned machine .​
All of​ that will be explained in​ entirety in​ the​ book.
Another point to​ take into consideration is​ to​ not only have a​ band onstage,​ but an​ act .​
Every member in​ the​ band plays a​ different character .​
That is​ also very important and all to​ often overlooked in​ a​ band .​
To have each member of​ the​ band's character relate to​ everybody .​
It gives the​ audience the​ feeling that they know you​ and can relate to​ you​ .​
And that draws them in​ even closer and that's what you​ want to​ happen,​ because it​ enhances the​ overall product that your providing to​ them .​
And you​ are the​ only band around that they can get that from .​
In the​ book,​ I​ will teach you​ how to​ make a​ character and bring it​ to​ life,​ as​ well as​ to​ develop that character as​ more time passes .​
If you​ are serious about having a​ devout following,​ you​ should seriously consider getting this book .​
Your going to​ get so much more important information for you​ to​ have .​
And like I​ said,​ its not just for a​ band that's just starting out .​
Any band that's interested in​ making good money and giving the​ audience a​ really good,​ memorable,​ and professional show should have this book .​
It will show you​ how to​ put on​ a​ really good show.
If you​ had a​ professional manager or​ agent,​ this book will teach you​ everything that they would want you​ to​ know .​
That in​ itself will attract them to​ you​ .​
Not to​ mention teach you​ how to​ get the​ major record labels to​ pay attention to​ you.
You could pay hundreds of​ dollars for this information and it​ would be worth every penny,​ but you​ won't .​
In fact,​ you​ won't pay anywhere near it .​
For the​ price of​ four packs of​ guitar strings you​ will get all of​ the​ valuable information inside this book .​
Satisfaction guaranteed .​
Just write to​ me to​ receive more information and how to​ order: Barry Ford 205 Terry Loop Rd .​
Cordova,​ Alabama 35550 .​
As always,​ I​ hope you​ found this article both informative and entertaining .​
And may GOD bless you​ always,​ and in​ always.

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