How To Maintain Your Weight Over Christmas And Holiday

How to​ maintain your weight over Christmas and holiday
For all of​ us holidays,​ especially around Christmas is​ the​ season where we​ meet our family,​ friends and enjoy the​ time together. it​ is​ also the​ time when we​ tend to​ eat a​ lot,​ especially high calorie,​ high fat rich food items like pastries or​ meat based dishes. And then once we​ are done with the​ holiday,​ and get ready to​ return to​ our normal lives,​ we​ find a​ couple of​ pounds have been added to​ our weight. All this is​ primarily because of​ eating too much in​ a​ short span of​ time without any control. a​ lot of​ people face this issue of​ not being able to​ control their weight during the​ holiday season and end up starving or​ going on​ fad diets,​ which will only make them ill and weak.
Here are a​ few steps one can take to​ maintain their weight over Christmas and holiday seasons;
1. Routine
If one has been following a​ set routine pattern of​ eating during the​ rest of​ the​ year,​ they must try and maintain that during holidays as​ well. This means having breakfast or​ lunch at​ a​ fixed timing,​ which will reduce craving or​ hunger at​ odd times. Also they should monitor what they eat which will give them an idea as​ to​ what to​ cut down and what they can eat moderately
2. Exercise
It is​ not possible all the​ time to​ work out when you are traveling during Christmas or​ holiday season. But one should opt to​ walk to​ the​ grocery store instead of​ taking the​ car or​ taking the​ staircase even if​ elevators are available. Any form of​ exercise will help burn the​ excess fat accumulated from eating all those rich food.
3. Experiment with food
A couple of​ weeks before your holiday begins start experimenting with food,​ try different salad dressings and see what appeals to​ your taste. Also try cutting down on​ meat and piling on​ vegetables,​ which is​ a​ good alternative to​ controlling your calorie intake.
4. Lifestyle alteration
One should understand that maintaining their body weight is​ all to​ do with the​ kind of​ lifestyle they adopt. And when you are on​ a​ holiday and are having social gatherings or​ parties,​ watch the​ amount of​ ​alcohol​ you consume,​ as​ this will add to​ your calorie consumption.
What is​ important is​ to​ not worry about one’s weight,​ but stay active and enjoy the​ holidays.

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