How To Lose Weight With Intuitive Eating 4 Quick Tips

How To Lose Weight With Intuitive Eating 4 Quick Tips

Confused? Frustrated? Fed up? Do you feel bewildered after trying diet after diet and never being able to​ keep the​ weight off? in​ fact,​ if​ you’re like most people,​ you eventually ended up gaining all your weight back plus a​ few extra instead of​ losing.

Do you notice that there are no diet fads currently sweeping the​ market? There’s a​ simple reason. After over 100 years of​ dieting,​ it’s finally clear that all that effort,​ deprivation,​ planning,​ and starvation has only made the​ American public fatter. in​ fact,​ 95% of​ dieters gain back all their weight within 1-5 years. Diets don’t work.

What does work is​ honoring and listening to​ your body.

Before you go on​ yet another diet consider looking to​ the​ natural wisdom of​ your body. the​ irony is​ that we​ each have the​ perfect,​ free,​ built-in diet available to​ us right here and now. It's called listening to​ your body and it's simple.

There are just a​ few simple things to​ learn:

1) What you resist persists. the​ most essential step is​ to​ love and accept your body as​ it​ is​ right now. if​ you’re reading this article,​ you are probably carrying a​ some extra pounds. That’s a​ common result of​ dieting. But most people were born to​ be of​ normal weight. You,​ too! Treat your body well and meet its needs and you will find you return to​ your own ideal weight easily and naturally.

2) Listen to​ your body. Treat your body with gentleness and tender,​ loving care by eating when you feel physically hungry and stopping when you are full. Overeating is​ usually a​ form of​ diet backlash that results from starvation and deprivation. It’s the​ body’s survival mechanism in​ action to​ save your life from the​ famine it​ experienced. Try eating small,​ frequent amounts with the​ intention of​ feeling light and refreshed from eating rather than heavy and stuffed.

3) Choose to​ eat what you really want in​ each moment,​ not what you think you should have or​ what would make you “good.” as​ you make choices based on​ your body’s desires,​ you will find yourself eating better foods in​ smaller quantities. Sensually enjoy the​ food you eat. Taste the​ delicious flavors,​ enjoy the​ various textures. And if​ it​ isn’t tasting great,​ get something better right then.

4) Play more,​ suffer less. Find some kind of​ movement that makes you feel like a​ kid again. or​ take walks that feed your soul. Make exercise something you love and look forward to​ instead of​ yet another chore to​ feel guilty about skipping.

Accept your body,​ meet its needs,​ enjoy your food,​ and play. Sounds better than dieting doesn’t it? And it​ works better,​ too. if​ you’re looking for a​ real,​ long-term solution to​ ending the​ battle with your weight,​ intuitive eating may just be the​ answer you’ve been seeking.

How To Lose Weight With Intuitive Eating 4 Quick Tips

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