How To Lose Weight With An Exercise Bike Program

Your pants are a​ bit tight,​ you can't seem to​ stop eating junk,​ and you're tired all of​ the​ time. It's time to​ get healthy and lose weight. Combined with a​ more sensible diet,​ an​ exercise bike can help you achieve the​ results you want.

Ugh,​ the​ Diet.

So many people go wrong here. Forget fad diets,​ forget starvation. Slow and steady wins the​ race. Try changing one thing about your diet. Limit yourself to​ one soda a​ day. Stop skipping meals. if​ you always clean your plate,​ start leaving one or​ two bites. a​ total change in​ diet is​ work. if​ you go for a​ radical change,​ you are setting yourself up for failure. You'll be surprised how well small changes work.

The Right Bike Determines Your Success

This is​ a​ critically important part. There are literally hundreds of​ exercise bikes available. You have to​ be honest with yourself to​ discover the​ one that will work best for you. if​ you talk yourself into some fantasy world where your exercise plan is​ going to​ work this time even though there's nothing different,​ you're going to​ be disappointed. if​ you think ahead,​ you will buy the​ right bike for your needs. You will end up with a​ successful long-term exercise routine.

Think back to​ your last exercise routine attempt. Why did you stop? Did you suffer an​ injury? Did you get bored? Was it​ just too hard to​ do every day? Was it​ hard to​ find the​ time? Answer these questions truthfully. if​ you don't figure out where you went wrong,​ you won't be able to​ come up with a​ solution.

Avoiding and Working Through Injuries

If an​ injury caused you to​ stop working out,​ how did you sustain your injury? Becoming physically fit is​ supposed to​ help you prevent injuries,​ not cause them. There is​ an​ exercise bike for someone who has been injured working out. It's called a​ recumbent exercise bike. It's the​ kind found in​ a​ lot of​ health clubs. it​ has a​ large,​ bucket seat,​ and you sit back and low to​ the​ ground. it​ is​ perfect for people beginning a​ new exercise routine. It's also very good for back problems as​ it​ forces you to​ keep good posture. it​ puts no pressure on​ your joints,​ and you can keep working out even if​ you have minor injuries.

Overcoming Boredom

Did you get bored the​ last time you tried to​ workout on​ a​ regular basis? if​ you did,​ you are likely to​ get bored again. With exercise bikes,​ the​ solution is​ usually a​ bike with several different levels and riding programs. You can get bikes with different difficulty levels. This means that when it​ becomes too easy for you to​ pedal,​ you simply move up to​ the​ next level instead of​ having to​ ride longer (which just isn't likely to​ happen for the​ person who is​ easily bored). You can also get different programs. Programs give you variety and goals. They make you pedal harder,​ simulate conquering hills,​ and even sprinting for short periods.

Riding programs might not be enough for you. You might need a​ bike that you can hook up to​ your television that simulates riding through different courses. You can take a​ leisurely ride through a​ park or​ compete with other computer riders on​ a​ difficult obstacle course. These bikes might cost more up front,​ but if​ you don't invest in​ a​ bike that will let you sustain your workout,​ you're wasting money on​ anything less.

The coolest thing for game addicts who get bored is​ an​ interactive bike that plugs into a​ Sony Playstation or​ Playstation 2. it​ makes over 50 games interactive. Whatever is​ happening on​ your bike happens on​ the​ screen in​ bike,​ car,​ and similar games. There are all types of​ similar bikes available.

If you plan on​ listening to​ music or​ watching TV while you cycle,​ be sure to​ pay attention to​ features that will make the​ exercise bike quieter. It's also a​ good idea to​ get a​ quieter bike if​ you live with other people. For all you know,​ your workout time is​ going to​ be 5AM or​ midnight. a​ quieter bike won't disturb other people in​ your home.

Don't Try to​ Be Lance Armstrong Yet…

People beginning exercise programs are sometimes too ambitious. It's good to​ be excited,​ but you have to​ remain realistic. if​ your last exercise program failed because it​ was just too much work,​ don't make the​ same mistake again. Fight the​ urge to​ overdo your first workouts. it​ is​ critical to​ your long-term success that you start out slow. if​ you go from no exercise at​ all to​ 5 to​ 10 minute exercise bike workouts with little resistance,​ you are much more likely to​ avoid injury,​ soreness,​ and most of​ all,​ early feelings of​ defeat. if​ you aim too high - expecting to​ go from a​ sedentary lifestyle to​ 45 minute workouts immediately,​ for example - you are setting yourself up for failure. When you don't reach your unattainable goal,​ it​ is​ more likely you'll quit altogether to​ alleviate the​ feeling of​ failure that much sooner.

The perfect bikes for people who get a​ bit over-excited are exercise bikes with built in​ riding programs. You simply start out at​ the​ lowest level,​ and the​ bike determines your workout. You program in​ a​ small goal (10 minutes,​ 50 calories,​ or​ .25 mile) and when you reach that goal,​ your workout is​ over.

Finding the​ Time

You do have time to​ burn fat and calories on​ an​ exercise bike. No matter how intense your schedule is,​ there are people busier than you who find time to​ make an​ exercise routine work. They are not better than you. They don't have more than 24 hours in​ a​ day. They simply figured out how to​ make it​ work. You can,​ too.

It can be as​ simple as​ the​ time of​ day you chose to​ workout in​ the​ past. There is​ scientific evidence that people who are "morning people" or​ "night owls" are physically different. Different people have energy at​ different times. Think about when you work best. if​ you wake up without an​ alarm clock ready to​ go,​ you should exercise first thing in​ the​ morning. if​ you are a​ night owl,​ you should consider working out at​ night. You might find that you are one of​ the​ people who tire yourself out enough with a​ night workout to​ sleep like a​ baby.

You Can Do This!

Losing weight is​ not a​ punishment. You are smart enough to​ know how to​ eat a​ little better and become more active. if​ you are honest with yourself,​ you will choose the​ proper bike. You want to​ look forward to​ the​ workout itself. Don't get caught up in​ which bike burns more calories. Find an​ exercise bike you will enjoy riding. Figure out the​ time of​ day that's best for you to​ exercise. Make it​ like getting dressed or​ bathing - it's just something you do every day. You don't have to​ train for the​ Tour de France. You just have to​ get on​ and do something every day. Ten minutes a​ day will yield results. Bookmark this article for future motivation,​ find your exercise bike,​ and get busy!

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