How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

Weight problems and obesity have become one of​ the​ chief health concerns in​ the​ Western world today. it​ is​ estimated that over 60 million people in​ the​ United States alone are overweight while it​ is​ increasingly becoming a​ worldwide problem. However,​ for many people this can be prevented with a​ few simple lifestyle changes. in​ this article we​ look at​ how to​ lose weight the​ healthy way.

It is​ possible to​ gain weight while remaining healthy if​ you are physically fit and exercise on​ a​ regular basis,​ thus increasing lean body mass. However,​ unhealthy weight gain happens when people gain weight as​ a​ result of​ putting on​ too much storage fat. we​ all need a​ certain amount of​ body fat as​ it​ serves as​ a​ reserve source of​ energy,​ provides insulation for the​ body and protects organs. However,​ putting on​ too much body fat can quickly lead to​ obesity.

There are a​ number of​ reasons why people become over weight and some cases it​ is​ not preventable. it​ may be a​ inherited genetically and can be linked the​ body's metabolism in​ which case it​ can be difficult to​ prevent. However,​ in​ the​ majority of​ cases it​ is​ due to​ factors like overeating,​ lack of​ exercise,​ too much ​alcohol​ or​ stopping smoking. in​ these cases,​ a​ few lifestyle changes can make all the​ difference.

So,​ the​ first thing to​ do if​ you are concerned about your weight is​ to​ look out for the​ telltale signs of​ being overweight. These may include:
* irregular heartbeat
* shortness of​ breath when exercising
* difficulty in​ walking and moving around
* painful back and knees
* heartburn
* depression or​ other emotional problems
* diabetes
* swelling of​ the​ feet or​ legs
* osteoarthritis in​ some joints
* increased blood pressure
* coronary heart disease
* increased cholesterol levels

While it​ is​ not foolproof,​ calculating your body mass index BMI should also give you a​ good idea of​ whether you are overweight or​ not. You can ask your physician to​ check your BMI or​ there are countless BMI calculators available online that will help you.

If you are overweight or​ obese it​ is​ time to​ do something about it. There is​ always the​ temptation to​ embark on​ a​ crash diet to​ help you shed those pounds. Certainly,​ these can be effective in​ the​ short-term but they are not healthy. Also,​ these diets do not lay the​ foundations needed to​ maintain a​ healthy weight. Too often,​ once people finish a​ crash diet and reach their desired weight,​ they fall back into old habits and they quickly gain any weight that was lost.

The key to​ losing weight the​ healthy way is​ a​ good diet and regular exercise. For many people this involves making some lifestyle changes and breaking some old habits,​ so it​ will take some effort. But it​ can be done. Once you get over some initial hurdles you will feel healthier,​ happier and more confident.

Initially,​ at​ least,​ you should seek some help and support. Enlisting the​ help of​ a​ dietician and a​ fitness trainer at​ the​ beginning will set you off on​ the​ right path. Not only will they tell you what to​ eat and what kinds of​ exercises are best,​ they will also give you encouragement and support through those tough first few weeks.

 Once you get into the​ swing of​ things you should be fine on​ your own.
It is​ obvious that a​ big factor in​ how much you weigh is​ what you eat. So,​ with a​ dietician or​ on​ your own look at​ how much and what kinds of​ food you eat every day. Most likely this will have to​ change,​ maybe even drastically.

You need to​ aim for a​ healthy,​ balanced diet that you can also enjoy. Take a​ look at​ the​ food pyramid to​ see what you need to​ eat each day to​ stay healthy and slim. if​ you do not have a​ dietician you will find plenty of​ meal plans on​ the​ internet to​ meet your needs. And do not despair,​ healthy food does not have to​ be bland and tasteless. Buy a​ few recipe books and find some meals that you enjoy to​ cook.

Inevitably there will be some temptation to​ fall back into old habits but it​ is​ essential that you resist this. Try to​ eliminate sugary and fatty junk foods from your diet altogether.
A healthy diet should help you lose weight,​ but this needs to​ be combined with exercise to​ be really effective. There are many benefits to​ regular exercise. Not only will you lose weight,​ it​ also combats a​ number of​ health difficulties and will help your body to​ burn off toxins.

Daily exercise is​ a​ habit you should develop over time,​ and as​ time goes on​ you will enjoy it​ more and more. However,​ you should start slowly. A​ thirty minute walk every day is​ a​ good place to​ start. as​ you get fitter,​ you will find yourself able to​ cover greater distances at​ greater speeds.

There are so many different forms of​ exercise that it​ should be easy to​ find something you enjoy,​ whether that is​ swimming,​ tennis,​ martial arts or​ whatever. If​ you can spend at​ least one hour exercising every day you will soon find yourself shedding those pounds.

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