How To Lose Weight Fast 04

working as​ a​ dietitian,​ many people ask me how to​ lose weight fast .​
Some of​ them want to​ know something reasonable like how to​ lose 10 pounds fast .​
Assuming that they are overweight,​ and not already slim to​ begin with,​ that type of​ goal is​ easy .​
the​ difficult cases are the​ ones that want to​ do something extreme .​
Some of​ them want to​ know how to​ lose 30 pounds in​ 30 days,​ for example .​
Other clients are already skinnier than is​ healthy,​ but want to​ lose even more weight .​
These ones,​ unfortunately,​ I​ have to​ talk out of​ their goals.
You see,​ if​ you want to​ understand how to​ lose weight fast,​ you have to​ understand how the​ body works .​
the​ body is​ a​ complicated machine,​ but basically it​ comes down to​ this: the​ heavier you are,​ the​ quicker you can lose weight .​
Everyone knows how to​ lose weight fast,​ it​ is​ just that many of​ them want a​ simpler solution .​
There's no point in​ taking up specialized diet plans,​ when eating healthy and exercising is​ good enough .​
Sure,​ you might lose weight faster by going in​ for the​ Atkins diet,​ but you are bound to​ put it​ all back on​ as​ soon as​ you stop dieting .​
the​ key isn't just knowing how to​ lose weight fast,​ but knowing how to​ keep that weight off.
If you want to​ know how to​ lose weight fast in​ a​ way that is​ healthy,​ you need to​ change your lifestyle .​
You need to​ cut out junk food entirely for the​ first few months and make sure you exercise at​ least three to​ four times a​ week .​
There is​ no trick to​ how to​ lose weight fast .​
It involves lots and lots of​ hard work .​
Paradoxically,​ though,​ if​ you try to​ cheat and give yourself little rewards,​ it​ becomes much more difficult .​
Take it​ from me,​ an​ acknowledged expert on​ how to​ lose weight fast: it​ is​ easier to​ eliminate junk food entirely than to​ only eat a​ little bit of​ it .​
This is​ because it​ is​ easier to​ follow a​ healthy diet plan than to​ follow one that constantly allows you to​ go back to​ old,​ unhealthy habits .​
There is​ no sure guide to​ how to​ lose weight fast,​ but if​ you eat well and exercise regularly you will find yourself at​ a​ healthy weight soon enough .​
And being healthy is​ every bit as​ important as​ looking good.

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