How To Lose Weight And Improve Your Health

How To Lose Weight And Improve Your Health

How to​ lose weight and improve your health
There is​ so much pressure on​ people to​ lose weight and look good at​ the​ moment but
how can you lose weight in​ way that improves your health and benefits you?

When I ​ was a​ child growing up there was always a​ big emphasis on​ health eating healthily. So eating 5 portions of​ fruit an veg a​ day and drinking plenty of​ water was a​ normal thing then.
These days though when comes to​ losing weight and improving health the​ market tends to​ contradict itself throwing at​ us lots of​ adverts for junk food,​ junk food and more junk food.
Then on​ the​ other side of​ the​ coin we​ are presented with size zero celebrities whose seemingly fast weight loss plans and healthy diets have put the​ population,​ young and old into a​ dieting frenzy with people trying all sorts of​ things just to​ try and size themselves down and look good.
This has opened up the​ floodgates of​ more and more people being diagnosed with anorexia,​ bulimia,​ scurvy and malnutrition all caused by diets and diet aids used to​ try and speed up the​ weight loss process.
You read more and more stories about people dieing through overdosing on​ diet pills or​ from poor nutrition and these arent just everyday people one example is​ American baseball star Steve Bechler,​ who had reportedly been using the​ weight loss supplement Xenadrine RFA1 and overdosed.

Sharlene HesseBiber,​ a​ sociologist at​ Boston College really hit the​ nail on​ the​ head when she said Thin is​ really part of​ what it​ means to​ be attractive within this culture,​ the​ message is​ that you have to​ shape up to​ the​ right kind of​ body. we​ punish and reward people for having the​ right or​ wrong body. we​ have so much hatred directed toward our bodies that marketers play to​ fat or​ the​ fword,​
She believes that this has created a​ cult of​ thinness that leads some people to​ diet extremes that can be harmful. it​ would be better,​ she says,​ to​ forget what we​ look like and focus on​ what we​ do and being healthy.
So how can you go about losing weight without falling into the​ same trap as​ everyone else? How can you lose weight in​ a​ way thats not only going to​ make you look great but feel great also?
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I wish you all good health
Arron Logan
ozhealth@hotmail. co. uk

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