How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Although having a​ baby is​ a​ wonderful experience for any woman,​ almost all women would like to​ regain their pre-pregnancy shape as​ soon as​ possible. Celebrity moms with the​ help of​ dietitians,​ nurses and fitness experts,​ in​ average will get back to​ their original shape faster than the​ average women. But they are not a​ good example upon which to​ base your own postpartum weight loss goals. Don't be too impatient,​ trying to​ lose weight too fast can rebound on​ you. You should "Go Easy" and take these few steps to​ lose your weight after giving birth to​ your baby.

Give Your Body Time to​ Recover

It took your body months to​ prepare to​ give birth,​ and it​ takes time to​ recover. So,​ don't be in​ too much of​ a​ hurry to​ cut calories,​ give some time for your body to​ recover,​ it​ takes up to​ 6 months after pregnancy for your body to​ return to​ normal. Now you have a​ new baby to​ take care of. it​ will require all your energy,​ especially as​ you get to​ grips with "night-feeds". So rather than focusing on​ your weight loss for the​ first 3 months,​ it's better for you to​ focus on​ eating healthy food with enough calories and nutrients to​ give you the​ energy to​ cope in​ taking care of​ your new baby.

Exercise When You Feel Up to​ It

While give time for your body to​ recover,​ it​ does not mean that you should do anything at​ all or​ ignore totally of​ your body weight. You can start gentle exercise almost immediately after returning home. But avoid any type of​ vigorous or​ sustained exercise until after your first post-pregnancy check-up. There are a​ lot of​ post-pregnancy exercise available in​ the​ internet,​ get some guide from there or​ consult an​ expert on​ what types of​ exercises are suitable for you.

Breast Feeding

Do you know that breast feeding is​ a​ good way of​ burning your body's calories? Generally,​ a​ new mom who breastfeeds her new born child produces an​ average output of​ 850ml of​ breast milk each day. to​ generate this amount of​ breast milk,​ mom needs to​ consume approximately 500 extra calories per day during lactation.

Get Start Your Weight Reduction Program after 2-3 Months

Normally after 2 to​ 3 months,​ your strength is​ returning and your period will get back to​ normal. at​ this time,​ you can start following a​ healthy,​ weight loss diet,​ and taking more vigorous exercise. Don't aim for fast weight loss,​ about 1 pound per week for optimum health,​ and be guided by your doctor. And you should continue to​ focus on​ eating nutritious foods to​ keep up your strength & energy.

How long to​ take to​ regain your shape?

Most doctors and pregnancy weight control experts will give you the​ same answer: it​ depends on​ how much weight you gained while pregnancy. in​ average,​ a​ mom will gained 25 to​ 30 pounds while pregnancy and during the​ birth,​ she normally lose 12 to​ 14 pounds,​ leaving 12 to​ 21 pounds for you to​ workout after pregnancy. if​ you start your weight reduction after 2 months of​ recovery period,​ and your lose 1 pound per week,​ it​ will takes 12 to​ 21 weeks to​ lose the​ extra weight. This means that you should regain your pre-pregnancy weight within 6 to​ 8 months after the​ birth.

In Summary

Every woman wants to​ regain their weight and body shape as​ soon as​ possible after giving birth to​ their baby. But,​ trying to​ lose weight too fast can rebound on​ you; hence,​ you should take it​ easily and patiently give some time allowance for your body to​ recover and start your weight loss program after the​ recovery period and be guided by expert or​ doctor.

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