How To Improve Your Computer Speed Almost Instantly

How To Improve Your Computer Speed Almost Instantly

How To Improve Your Computer Speed Almost Instantly
Probably your computer,​ even though you bought it​ last year its no longer that much fast .​
Like any other machine your computer require maintenance and tweaks of​ its settings.
You can easily follow these step by step methods to​ make your computer faster,​ better and more enjoyable .​
Once done you can see instant boost in​ the​ performance.
Keep in​ mind that your computer is​ not a​ waste bin .​
You don't throw things inside and wait till its full before you clean it .​
You harm your computer that way which also means it​ works much less efficient.
The 6 easy to​ follow tactics will help you overcome all that.
1 .​
Create folders and sub folders in​ your hardrive .​
Usually that is​ drive C .​
This way you are treating your computer as​ a​ bookshelf,​ with all books in​ a​ specific shelf .​
You will also find files much more easy this way.
2 .​
Then delete also the​ unwanted files .​
These unwanted files can be image files,​ music downloads,​ documents,​ notebook files,​ folders and the​ many other different types of​ files.
These are just there wasting your computer space which result in​ a​ slower computer .​
Click Start,​ Search and select one of​ the​ file types .​
It maybe pdf,​ .jpg,​ .gif .​
There is​ a​ whole list of​ file types .​
You can start with the​ easy files like .gif .​
In the​ search box do not type anything,​ just hit go to​ start the​ search.
You will notice a​ huge list of​ files,​ if​ you search for .gif files they will all be images .​
Now you can remove any images you don't need making sure that you know what you are deleting .​
This method will help you find all the​ unwanted files.
3 .​
How many browsers do you have? Internet explorer,​ FireFox and did you also download Netscape to​ try it​ out? Well,​ you only use one so you can uninstall the​ rest .​
Same goes with all of​ the​ software,​ tools,​ applications and downloads you don't use .​
Uninstalling them will free out more space.
Your registry needs to​ be cleaned if​ you ever downloaded any files from the​ Internet .​
There are tools that help you clean your registry,​ and you should do this about once a​ month.
4 .​
Do you still have that huge list of​ files on​ your Start button .​
When I​ click my Start button you see just 6 menus and about 7 sub menus .​
Those are all shortcuts which can be easily removed .​
Right click and delete the​ ones you don't use .​
You can always start a​ program from your hard drive C .​
To make it​ easy,​ click Start,​ Run and type in​ C:/ and it​ takes you to​ drive C,​ hit program files and you can open any application from there.
You don't need to​ keep all those icons neither on​ your desktop .​
I​ have none .​
You can access them by clicking Start,​ Run and type in​ C:/ then click the​ 'up one folder button' to​ get to​ the​ desktop .​
Button located next to​ back and forward buttons.
The Start,​ Programs menu is​ there just to​ help you find your applications very easy .​
But you still can access them very easy now that you now how to​ use the​ Run command C:/
Deleting the​ My Computer Icon,​ the​ My Documents icon won't permanently delete them .​
They can be accessed from the​ Run C:/ command .​
For XP users check out to​ get more tweaks.
5 .​
In such extreme cases you can even remove outlook express .​
If you want to​ make your computer a​ lot more faster that is​ going to​ help .​
You can use a​ free email account,​ like I​ personally use it​ daily and it​ is​ professional .​
Probably you will also realize that it​ is​ even much better than Outlook express .​
You get also instant chat with no need to​ download any software not even the​ Google Talk.
Have you got 4 messengers installed? Well,​ now you can get rid of​ them all .​
If you research google you will find that there are messengers which allow you to​ chat with your MSN contacts,​ Yahoo and AOL contacts .​
Instead of​ having three messengers you need just one .​
I​ would suggest you check out which is​ the​ best from Get feedback.
6 .​
It is​ not just the​ inside but also the​ outside .​
When was the​ last time you cleaned up your keyboard,​ mouse and monitor surface? At least once a​ year the​ tower which contains a​ fan needs to​ be cleaned .​
The fan accumulates dust and a​ technician has the​ tools to​ make it​ perfect again.
You should always use precaution when cleaning electrical hardware .​
The keyboard can be cleaned by using a​ dry cloth .​
After switching off your computer,​ remove all keys gently from the​ keyboard and place them in​ a​ jar filled with warm water .​
You do this only once every 5 months .​
With the​ dry cloth or​ slightly wet you can clean the​ interior of​ the​ keyboard.
The monitor and the​ mouse need not be opened to​ be cleaned .​
You can end up damaging them .​
a​ great way to​ protect your computer from dust,​ and even other possible damage is​ to​ cover it​ after use .​
a​ cover for the​ monitor,​ speakers,​ keyboard and tower .​
I​ even cover the​ mouse.
Your computer is​ a​ great tool that works practically lets say like magic .​
Like anything else though you cannot just switch it​ on,​ use it​ and then turn if​ off .​
By learning how to​ optimize your machine you will improve its performance .​
It will last longer.

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