How To Implement Your Marketing Campaign With Microsoft CRM

So,​ you​ have been using Microsoft CRM software to​ create your activities and plan your tasks for your football-oriented marketing campaign that you​ will be launching at​ the​ start of​ Autumn. Once these are all in​ place and well organized,​ they begin to​ get done with smooth running. And as​ this happens,​ you​ see your campaign beginning to​ take on​ defined shape and form. So,​ now in​ your Microsoft CRM program,​ you​ turn to​ the​ Campaign Performance report application to​ be able to​ track the​ completion status and the​ progress of​ the​ activities and tasks that have been defined as​ part of​ the​ marketing campaign. as​ this process thickens,​ you​ can keep on​ top of​ things and remain highly organized with the​ help of​ sections that let you​ accurately track all your targets,​ dates,​ responses,​ definitions,​ and ROI for this marketing campaign.

After several weeks,​ you​ chosen advertising agency has worked with your company to​ come up with the​ collateral materials that you​ need to​ get out for your campaign. These include a​ wide array of​ materials: Posters for city marketing; brochures for retailers; a​ booth design for you​ live events; banners for conventions,​ special outdoor activities,​ and so on​ and so forth; branded labels for the​ same activities; postcards to​ be sent out to​ your clients; and a​ full page ad for the​ local magazine covering sports. you​ will now go to​ your Microsoft CRM and add in​ each one of​ these things under Sales Literature. in​ the​ Sales area of​ you​ Campaign application,​ you​ click Sales Literature and then choose New. you​ can put yourself in​ as​ the​ employee contact for the​ marketing campaign,​ and you​ can set an​ end date for the​ distributing of​ the​ materials so that they are not used up indiscriminately.

Now Fall is​ drawing near; the​ Summer is​ almost over and the​ NFL season will soon be underway. Now that your campaign activities and planning tasks are running like well-oiled machines and you​ are getting things done,​ you​ can focus on​ creating and scheduling your core campaign activities. Let’s say that you​ decide to: send out postcards about your new product to​ the​ “Repeat Buyers” marketing group that you​ have created using Microsoft CRM software; send boxes of​ brochures to​ your retailers by using the​ “My Retailers” group via a​ mail merge with MS Office Word; send out the​ full page ad to​ have the​ magazine publish it; send an​ email blast to​ all of​ your local clients about forthcoming outdoor activities and conventions; attend the​ charity event that you​ scheduled; and do follow up telephone calls to​ all of​ the​ leads generated by the​ events. you​ choose in​ your Campaign Activities application the​ “Type” tab and make each of​ these a​ type of​ activity to​ do to​ keep them distinguished and individually trackable.

Everything remains organized and focused throughout.

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