How To Get Massive Fun By Playing Cool Online Games

How To Get Massive Fun by Playing Cool Online Games
So what does it​ take to​ find a​ safe haven for a​ gamer like me? a​ place where I​ can go to​ play games without an​ immense amount of​ competition,​ no need to​ invest any money - and hopefully no risk of​ addiction? Honestly,​ I​ don't know if​ there is​ such a​ place .​
It seems that most of​ the​ gaming websites out now are getting more competitive and are requiring more from its visitors than ever .​
Nowadays you have to​ register for most of​ them - and what's next,​ a​ social security number?
There are plenty of​ ways to​ waste time .​
I​ consider myself an​ expert at​ doing it,​ though I​ am sure I​ am not the​ only one .​
There are some days when I​ get right to​ work and I​ can work through the​ day with no problem .​
However,​ there are other days when I​ find myself looking for a​ way to​ play game online so that I​ don't have to​ work .​
I​ don't mean to​ do it,​ but some days I​ am just restless and need to​ do something else with my mind .​
It's not very productive,​ but there are times I​ think it​ might just keep me sane.
There are plenty of​ places to​ play online game,​ and when you find one you like,​ you may go back time and time again .​
What can be a​ problem for some is​ the​ way these games work with your computer .​
Some might ask you to​ download something,​ and if​ you are on​ a​ site that seems trustworthy,​ that might not be a​ problem .​
If you need the​ software to​ play online game of​ any sort,​ you have to​ download .​
However,​ if​ you aren't sure about the​ site,​ see if​ you can find the​ game somewhere else.
You may also have to​ worry about how fast and new your computer might be when you want to​ play online game sites .​
If you have just stared your computer up,​ you may find that the​ game will load quickly and you won't have any problems .​
For some unknown reason,​ things on​ a​ computer will shut down on​ their own,​ and you may have trouble loading up a​ game that you normally play .​
While this can be confusing to​ you,​ you should know it​ is​ common .​
You should close down your browser and open a​ new one .​
If that doesn't help,​ you may have to​ restart your computer .​
It's a​ pain,​ but it​ usually fixes the​ problem.
Feeling defeated by the​ new retro gaming world,​ I​ tried a​ few sites that have some very exciting games to​ see if​ I​ could fit into the​ new mold .​
For example,​ I​ gave a​ few weeks to​ .​
It's a​ great site with plenty of​ games (especially my favorite: 8-ball pool) .​
But as​ you can imagine,​ shooting pool online is​ very different than shooting it​ in​ real life; there's a​ lot you have to​ get used to,​ like holding a​ stick with a​ mouse and hitting the​ cue ball accurately when you're viewing the​ table from above .​
Since it​ took time to​ get used to​ it,​ I​ found myself losing regularly and placing low among my peers .​
This hurt my self esteem and prompted me to​ cancel my membership,​ only to​ go back to​ the​ smoky lounges in​ my neighborhood for pool entertainment.
Next,​ I​ learned about a​ site called,​ which also has a​ boatload of​ great games,​ including one of​ my favorites,​ Deal or​ No Deal .​
The game is​ so fun and addicting that I​ found myself entering new tournaments every few hours - not good if​ you have a​ family,​ a​ job,​ or​ any life at​ all offline .​
Instead of​ getting my work done,​ I​ was literally finding new tournaments to​ enter that resulted in​ virtual prizes - not a​ trophy being sent to​ my house,​ not money - just a​ virtual prize .​
After realizing what I​ was doing I​ had to​ put a​ block up to​ stop myself from going to​ the​ site until I​ thought I'd kicked my addiction.

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