How To Get All The Free Traffic You Want With Only One Marketing Activity

How To Get All The Free Traffic You Want With Only One Marketing

Are you​ a​ “traffic juggler”?

That is,​ do you​ attempt to​ get traffic to​ your site by doing all kinds of​ activities ranging from SEO to​ PPC listings to​ buying solo mailings?

In other words,​ do you​ “juggle” your traffic generation activities like multi-colored balls – never holding on​ to​ one for very long and always moving on​ to​ the​ next one?

As a​ recovering “traffic juggler” myself,​ I can tell you​ this with great certainty ... you​ and I aren’t alone.

Sadly,​ most internet marketers wear the​ same hat. They complicate things by trying every new traffic strategy,​ buying ever new traffic tool and joining every new traffic program.

It doesn’t need to​ be that way.

In fact,​ what I want to​ suggest to​ you​ in​ this article will make your life a​ whole lot easier,​ and,​ as​ a​ direct result,​ will actually get more traffic to​ your site than ever before.

Brace yourself for a​ life-changing statement –

** if​ you​ have your own product to​ sell online,​ you​ only need to​ focus on​ ONE traffic strategy! **

Yep,​ you​ read that correctly.

Instead of​ trying to​ do a​ gazillion things,​ there is​ a​ very simple,​ very effective approach: focus on​ the​ ONE thing that really matters,​ the​ ONE thing that produces the​ greatest results,​ the​ ONE thing that will get you​ all the​ traffic you’ll ever need.

And that ONE thing is​ to...

** Start,​ Strengthen and Spread Your Own Affiliate Program*

Let’s look at​ that statement in​ 3 steps for simplicity purposes...

Step 1: *START* Your Affiliate Program.

There is​ one major reason why you​ need to​ start your own affiliate program that stands head and shoulders above the​ rest: every traffic generation concept (past,​ present and future) can be done FOR YOU,​ BY OTHERS if​ you​ have your own affiliate program in​ place.

Let that sink in. Chew on​ that for a​ while. It’s such a​ paradigm shift that most people don’t even realize the​ tidal-wave-like power behind the​ concept.

Instead of​ you​ working with PPC ads and you​ working on​ the​ SEO stuff and you​ buying the​ solo mailings,​ you​ can get others to​ do this FOR you​ as​ a​ member of​ your affiliate program.

So,​ to​ begin with,​ you​ need to​ start your own affiliate program. a​ great place to​ do this is​

Step 2: *STRENGTHEN* Your Affiliate Program.

After establishing your affiliate program,​ it’s important to​ “strengthen” it. That is,​ you​ will need to​ train your affiliates to​ do all of​ the​ marketing for you. You’ll also need to​ provide them with marketing materials such as​ brandable PDF reports,​ articles,​ advertisements,​ banners,​ etc.

But,​ let’s take this another step.

Instead of​ loading some marketing and training materials to​ your affiliate center and leaving it​ up to​ your affiliates to​ figure out how to​ use them,​ why not point out how to​ use them?

Example: List 10 great newsletters where they can purchase solo mailings to​ promote your offer. Put something in​ there for every budget. (What a​ nice treat it​ will be when one of​ your aggressive affiliates purchases a​ $500 solo mailing to​ promote your offer!)

You’ll be SHOCKED to​ see what this one additional step can mean to​ your bottom line.

But,​ you​ could take it​ even another step further.

How about offering to​ personally train 10 affiliates in​ how best to​ promote your offer? you​ could teach one how to​ use ezine advertising; another how to​ buy PPC ads in​ numerous engines; still another how to​ distribute ezine articles.

(Here’s an​ idea: how about you​ purchase a​ copy of​ the​ latest traffic tool or​ manual for one of​ your affiliates and get them involved in​ using it​ to​ promote you?!)

Can you​ imagine the​ impact?

Step 3: *SPREAD* Your Affiliate Program.

Finally,​ you​ want to​ continue growing your program by recruiting more and more affiliates. as​ your numbers grow,​ so will your results.

The bottom line is​ simple: instead of​ “juggling” a​ bunch of​ different traffic ideas,​ a​ much more effective use of​ your time is​ to​ focus on​ ONE source of​ traffic: your own affiliate program.

Juggling is​ great for clowns,​ but lousy for internet marketers.

Don’t be a​ clown when it​ comes to​ your business.

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