How To Gain Weight And Build More Muscle Mass

A typical strength training program for weight gain all almost always includes compound free weight lifts like squats,​ bench press,​ shoulder press,​ pull-ups (wide grip),​ and dips. the​ amount of​ weight used for each,​ the​ amount of​ reps,​ and the​ frequency of​ training,​ will obviously be customized to​ suit your body type,​ current strength,​ and strength training goals.

It’s also important to​ note is​ that training too often is​ both dangerous and counter-productive. More training does not equal more muscle. the​ body does not become stronger during exercise; it​ actually becomes stronger during the​ repair period between exercising. This is​ rather non-intuitive,​ but it’s a​ basic scientific fact. as​ such,​ it’s critically important for people to​ avoid over-training,​ and to​ build in​ appropriate rest periods between reps,​ sets,​ and workouts.

Intrinsic Motivation and Keeping Up Progress

This may be the​ most neglected component of​ an​ effective weight-gain system,​ yet it’s easily as​ important as​ the​ other two noted above.

The problem of​ motivation is​ typically not one of​ starting. Many people have the​ will and desire to​ start a​ weight gain program; at​ least,​ they do for the​ first few times. Where motivation makes – or​ breaks – a​ weight gain program is​ when it​ comes to​ monitoring progress and maintaining muscle gain.

This doesn’t imply that people are weak or​ uninterested in​ progress; actually,​ it’s rather more complex than that. Though 1,​000 people may focus,​ on​ the​ same day and at​ the​ same time,​ on​ gaining weight effectively and with measurable muscular results,​ it’s not an​ exaggeration to​ say that each of​ these people will experience something different. Some of​ those differences will be profound and visible; other differences will be subtle and difficult to​ put into words. the​ dilemma here is​ that people may start doubting the​ validity of​ their program when their progress (or lack of​ progress) does not mirror the​ results achieved by someone else. or​ worse,​ some people may truly start doubting their own ability to​ “ever gain weight” when they see someone else making apparent progress towards their weight gain goals.

The remedy to​ this dilemma is​ contained in​ the​ term “follow-through”. the​ key to​ successful weight gain lies fundamentally in​ one’s ability to​ follow-through with a​ program,​ and to​ stick with it,​ while at​ the​ same time making appropriate adjustments to​ exploit gains,​ and avoid disappointment. Ultimately,​ if​ the​ nutrition and strength training components are in​ place,​ achieving weight gain goals are merely a​ matter of​ time and effort; and that is​ where motivation plays it’s most important role.

Typical proven strategies to​ ensure motivation remains high and continuous include: adjusting workouts to​ add some variety and avoid boredom; using visuals (such as​ a​ before and after picture,​ or​ a​ video) to​ monitor progress; writing down (realistic!) goals; measuring physical improvements on​ a​ bi-weekly basis; measuring mental/psychological improvements on​ a​ bi-weekly basis; staying focused,​ and of​ course,​ taking breaks when necessary.

Putting it​ All Into Place and Taking Action

As noted earlier,​ there is​ a​ disconcerting amount of​ poor quality (or no quality) information available that purports to​ help naturally thin people gain weight. the​ majority of​ this harmful information revolves around “eating more”; which,​ if​ it​ works,​ simply leads to​ the​ creation of​ permanent fat cells. Unfortunately,​ for naturally thin people stuck in​ this cycle of​ misinformation and misunderstanding,​ their choices are to​ either remain thinner than they’d like,​ or​ put on​ fat pounds and risk a​ high body fat ratio or​ even obesity.

Thankfully,​ however,​ nothing needs to​ be created in​ order to​ help naturally thin people succeed in​ their weight gain goals; scientific advancements or​ miracle cures are not required. Simply,​ what is​ required is​ action based on​ what is​ already available,​ and what has been noted above: proper nutrition,​ effective strength training and self-motivation.

Ensuring that these three elements are present is​ the​ unifying theme that is​ common to​ almost every successful weight gain story that has ever been written,​ applauded,​ and admired.

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