How To Find A Good Computer Tech

How To Find a​ Good Computer Tech
When your computer is​ having definite issues and you have tried all you can possibly think of​ to​ repair the​ problem,​ short of​ throwing the​ computer right out the​ window,​ it​ may be time for you to​ contact a​ computer tech .​
Depending on​ your budget you have one of​ two options when it​ comes to​ getting a​ technician to​ help you with your computer hardware or​ software issues and these are free solutions or​ paid solutions.
If you can find a​ good computer tech using a​ free solution then that is​ great .​
In some cases,​ websites such as​ IT Help Desk,​ Data Doctors,​ Experts Exchange,​ or​ GeekSquad,​ can be sources of​ great technicians,​ if​ you are lucky enough to​ find them .​
The thing about these places and online forums that offer help is​ that you never really know if​ the​ person on​ the​ other side really knows what he or​ she is​ talking about or​ if​ they are just using big words to​ make it​ seem like they do .​
It could be very risky to​ take advice from someone on​ these websites .​
However,​ in​ most cases you might find that the​ solution is​ quite simple and they really are loads of​ help to​ your situation.
Paid solutions are generally the​ best bet .​
While they may cost you some money,​ you will typically get someone to​ your house,​ in​ person,​ to​ actually look at​ your computer .​
If you simply do not have a​ good solid computer tech in​ your area,​ you might want to​ consider a​ nationwide service that provides you with certified technicians that are both qualified and experience,​ who actually guarantee the​ work done on​ your computer.
The internet and yellow pages might be viable solutions for you as​ well .​
However,​ when going this route,​ you will want to​ make sure that you are getting someone competent,​ honest,​ reliable,​ and experienced .​
The following tips will help you understand what you should be looking for a​ good computer tech.
1 .​
Take a​ look at​ the​ skills specified by the​ technician .​
You want to​ make sure that the​ tech has experience in​ the​ areas that surround your system such as​ your computer type,​ the​ operating system,​ hardware,​ network,​ and software.
2 .​
Find out if​ the​ computer tech holds any degrees,​ certificates,​ or​ licenses .​
If not,​ question the​ tech on​ how many years they have been working in​ the​ field.
3 .​
Manners count in​ this field .​
You want to​ make sure that the​ computer tech is​ accommodating and polite,​ as​ well as​ willing to​ explain the​ process of​ the​ repairs.
4 .​
Professionalism is​ a​ key factor as​ well .​
You want the​ tech to​ look neat,​ clean,​ have appropriate dress,​ and show up on​ time.
5 .​
Make sure the​ costs are competitive,​ comparable,​ and reasonable in​ regards to​ the​ costs of​ others in​ your area.
6 .​
You want to​ ensure that the​ tech completes the​ work needed in​ a​ timely fashion and on​ schedule,​ with little leeway.
Overall,​ if​ you check out the​ above tips,​ you will have no problems in​ finding a​ good computer tech to​ help fix your computer problems,​ before you have to​ throw it​ out the​ window.

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