How To Find Cheap Laptop Computers

How to​ find cheap laptop computers.
Ah yes,​ I​ want a​ laptop but I​ am not going to​ spend a​ couple of​ thousand dollars for one .​
Well guess what you don't have to​ .​
Laptop prices have come down dramatically over the​ past year alone and they will continue to​ do so as​ technology advances .​
But the​ trick here is​ to​ find good quality laptops that fit your needs at​ the​ cheapest prices available today .​
I would say that there probably is​ a​ store near you right now that has cheap laptop computers .​
In fact,​ many stores already have them .​
The reason being,​ like any other new product,​ laptops were once considered the​ cream of​ the​ crop in​ the​ computer world which made them very expensive .​
However,​ all that has changed now .​
Laptops are a​ dime a​ dozen! the​ hand held digital assistants,​ Bluetooth cell phones and tablet pads are the​ new rage making laptop computers cheap.
Now,​ don't get me wrong,​ this does not mean that they are cheaply made .​
Thanks to​ the​ wonders of​ the​ technological cycle,​ laptop computers are decreasing in​ price as​ their capabilities rise .​
Of course,​ there are the​ latest and greatest monsters out there that are made for gaming or​ high powered multimedia applications and these babies still cost a​ pretty penny.
But for the​ average user,​ you can find cheap laptop computers that provide all the​ power you need and then some .​
Every major manufacturer out there,​ like Dell,​ HP,​ Compaq,​ Gateway,​ and IBM have their lower end and intermediate models that come with more than enough speed and usability.
Now here is​ the​ key to​ finding the​ right cheap computer laptop for you,​ and that is​ to​ figure out exactly what you need it​ for.
Are you going to​ use it​ mainly for surfing the​ web or​ word processing? Do you need it​ to​ work from home or​ mainly to​ save your MP3s and digital pictures?
Ok,​ so now you have an​ idea of​ what you want to​ use your laptop for .​
Now lets go out shopping and compare .​
You can visit any of​ the​ top manufacturers websites or​ visit your local store and find their low end or​ intermediate models that may suit your needs .​
The three top components of​ a​ computer you want to​ look for is​ the​ hard drive size,​ memory,​ and processor speeds and take notes of​ each model you find on​ each component and model.
The hard drive,​ you can consider this the​ brain of​ your computer,​ this is​ where all your files,​ applications and folders are stored .​
If you plan on​ using your computer for MP3s and digital pictures your hard drive should be large since these files are usually very large .​
I​ personally would look at​ 80gb as​ minimum .​
Next would be the​ memory,​ memory can be considered the​ thought processes of​ your computer .​
As a​ minimum I​ would look at​ 512mb but if​ you plan on​ using your laptop for gaming of​ course this should be much larger,​ in​ the​ area of​ 1 to​ 2gb .​
Now memory is​ used whenever a​ program or​ application is​ running .​
So the​ more memory you have the​ faster your computer can process the​ program .​
And finally your processor,​ now your processor is​ just that it​ processes all the​ inner workings of​ how each program runs .​
The faster the​ processor is,​ the​ faster the​ program instructions are processed .​
Again if​ your looking for a​ laptop for gaming uses you want your processor with high speeds 2ghz or​ more .​
For other uses you can go less .​
Other parts of​ the​ computer to​ also consider are the​ ports involved that can connect your computer to​ your digital camera or​ your mp3 player for example .​
You also want to​ check that your laptop has wireless and broadband connectivity .​
Many cheap computer laptops today already come with this but you want to​ make sure or​ you will have to​ pay additional,​ for example,​ a​ wireless card to​ install in​ your laptop to​ have this capability.

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