How To Download Your Old Computer To The Highest Bidder

How To Download Your Old Computer To The Highest Bidder

How to​ ‘Download’ Your Old Computer to​ the​ Highest Bidder
When you think trash,​ you surely don’t think about your old,​ trusty personal computer .​
But that’s exactly what will become of​ it​ when you make the​ inevitable move toward your next laptop or​ desktop .​
And,​ yes,​ buying a​ new computer is​ inevitable,​ considering the​ pace at​ which computer technology zips along .​
Just think—about a​ handful of​ years ago,​ a​ fast microprocessor for a​ laptop was at​ 233 MHz .​
Now you’re looking at​ about at​ least 2 GHz! That’s Giga,​ with a​ G.
So eventually,​ you will want a​ computer that can handle the​ latest software,​ the​ latest games,​ and the​ latest interactive Web sites,​ and then you’ll have to​ throw away your old computer,​ right? Wrong .​
Try selling your used computer instead .​
Throwing out your computer is​ one of​ the​ worst things you can do .​
For one,​ your computer may be useful for someone out there,​ even if​ just for scraps.
Trashed computers and other digital equipment also make up one of​ the​ fastest growing,​ and most dangerous,​ new trash categories out there in​ your neighborhood landfall .​
On one hand,​ computers are generally bulky and made of​ plastic and other materials that won’t be breaking down in​ a​ landfill for the​ next few million years .​
What’s more,​ other materials in​ your old computer are highly toxic to​ the​ environment,​ like mercury,​ lead and cadmium .​
They’re so toxic that their actually name in​ the​ waste-management field is​ toxics.
You don’t have to​ be a​ techie or​ a​ scientist to​ understand the​ danger in​ that—nor the​ benefits of​ selling your computer .​
On the​ Internet,​ there are a​ vast number of​ auction and classifieds sites,​ some better than others,​ where you can download you computer to​ a​ worthy buyer.
Before you boot up your replacement laptop or​ high-performance PC,​ however,​ be sure you read and compute the​ following tips .​
These tips will help you avoid the​ crashes and shutdowns that befall the​ computer seller who doesn’t do his homework first.
Hold onto all of​ the​ operating system and software manuals that came with your old computer .​
This will add value to​ your sale,​ not to​ mention it​ will make you a​ trusted seller for offering up these helpful books to​ the​ buyer .​
Erase all personal information from the​ hard drive .​
And we’re not just talking about simply putting stuff in​ the​ trash bin .​
It’s extremely important to​ purge all data from your computer’s memory repository,​ even from invisible backup files on​ the​ hard drive .​
If you’re not sure how to​ do this,​ ask your IT expert at​ work or​ a​ techie friend for advice .​
You don’t want the​ next user to​ have access to​ your bank accounts,​ old e-mails,​ and other private info,​ do you?
Uninstall any application from the​ hard drive that you’d like to​ use on​ your next computer,​ keeping the​ installation disk and the​ software serial number for yourself .​
When it​ comes to​ software,​ the​ manufacturers made sure that you never really own software,​ you license it .​
So you don’t get free reign to​ keep software on​ multiple computers .​
You only get one license,​ so you need to​ bring your licensed version with you to​ your new computer.
Do your homework on​ your computer’s worth .​
Just like you would for a​ car,​ check around at​ other classifieds and auction sites to​ see what other people are selling your make and model for.
Be sure you want to​ truly get rid of​ old faithful .​
You may be able to​ repair your old laptop rather than buy a​ new $2,​000 Centrino model .​
Or you may be able to​ add RAM memory and a​ new hard drive to​ your four-year-old desktop rather than invest in​ a​ new $3,​000 multimedia masterpiece .​
In other words,​ do a​ thorough cost-analysis of​ what it​ would take to​ rebuild your old computer,​ versus what it​ would cost to​ sell it​ and buy a​ new one .​
And check your heart too .​
You might be surprised just how attached you are to​ your old faithful.
Once you go through these steps,​ you are prepared to​ make your move and sell,​ sell,​ sell .​
And then,​ of​ course,​ you’ll be ready to​ start on​ a​ whole new list of​ steps—for buying a​ new computer .​
But that’s a​ topic for another article!

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