How To Cheat In A Computer Game

How To Cheat In a​ Computer Game
The definition of​ a​ cheat is​ pretty easy to​ figure out .​
If you have an​ affair with someone other than your lover,​ you can be called a​ cheat .​
If you copy answers from another person during an​ exam,​ you can also be called a​ cheat .​
In sports,​ if​ you try to​ win or​ get an​ advantage by disregarding the​ rules you are cheating but in​ computer games this definition become hard to​ follow .​
Taking advantage or​ lying to​ your fellow game players does not automatically mean you are cheating.
Cheating in​ a​ computer game is​ defined by the​ game and the​ people who are playing it.A lot of​ computer games come with a​ cheat code .​
This is​ usually to​ help a​ person get started and makes the​ game a​ little easier .​
They are usually designed for a​ single player .​
If you use these cheat codes you are cheating technically but it​ doesn’t mean you have an​ advantage.
The most common occurrence of​ cheating is​ when there are multiplayer and mass multiplayer games through the​ internet .​
In this instance,​ the​ players are not known to​ each other so they don’t have the​ restrictive influence of​ being seen by their opponents.
There are two main areas of​ cheating in​ computer games .​
You can change your settings through the​ use of​ exploits,​ bugs and external software or​ cheesing.
If you alter your computer settings,​ the​ layout of​ the​ computer’s hardware or​ the​ computer game to​ fit your gaming style you are cheating in​ a​ sense and this can be alright .​
But if​ you went even further and changed the​ brightness or​ the​ color of​ the​ screen in​ order to​ see better in​ shadow areas it​ becomes questionable.
Exploits are termed as​ errors in​ the​ game itself that give an​ advantage to​ one person or​ another .​
If someone deliberately uses those it​ a​ game,​ it​ could be considered cheating but it​ also could add to​ the​ excitement of​ the​ game.
There are software programs you can purchase that modify a​ program that runs computer game .​
This is​ a​ more serious form of​ cheating .​
Other software programs study the​ status of​ the​ game through the​ computer’s RAM
Another form of​ cheating is​ called cheesing .​
This is​ when the​ players do things that cannot happen in​ real life or​ are not allowed in​ real life.
The most common of​ game cheats these days find ways to​ change the​ game’s software .​
Even if​ the​ game developers try to​ encrypt or​ protect the​ files,​ there are software programs that will be able to​ change the​ game’s code without changing the​ main program .​
Cheats of​ this kind may be detected using programs that are installed on​ a​ server.
Preventing computer game cheaters is​ not easy .​
There are a​ lot of​ grey areas to​ agree on​ and consider before you term someone a​ cheat.

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