How To Build A Website That Makes Money

How To Build A Website That Makes Money

As little as​ one decade ago an​ ecommerce site was the​ domain of​ techno wiz’s and coding geniuses. Today the​ Internet business world is​ not limited to​ the​ technically gifted and motivated. Anyone can build an​ ecommerce business due to​ the​ advent of​ WYSIWYG (What you​ See is​ What you​ Get) editors,​ web building wizards,​ open source blog and web site platforms,​ as​ well as​ platform like Ebay,​ Amazon,​ etc.

A person can build a​ viable web business without ever understanding how to​ configure a​ Mysql database or​ coding in​ HTML or​ PHP. a​ strong computer background or​ time needed to​ learn,​ is​ all the​ skills needed to​ get started.

Static Pages & Content Management Systems

Static pages are like digital paper. They do not change. They end in​ .htm,​ and remain the​ same until the​ owner changes the​ content on​ them.

A content management system can be as​ simple as​ a​ or​ Wordpress blog. Or,​ it​ can be a​ complex $10 000 platform that is​ powerful enough to​ run 100 000 pages of​ content. the​ objective is​ to​ create something for the​ search engines to​ send their robots to​ for ranking and traffic generating.

The content should be designed to​ create demand,​ solve problems,​ and offer solutions. the​ secondary purpose is​ to​ optimize the​ website increasing the​ traffic and profit.

What Are you​ Selling

The Internet does not require a​ tangible product for sale. There are dozens of​ things to​ sell which are not tangible including downloads,​ education,​ affiliate and advertising,​ pre-selling,​ or​ social/ entertainment. Creating a​ site where people can come and share their love for a​ hobby,​ venture,​ belief,​ or​ view,​ can provide a​ good opportunity for a​ savvy business owner.

It is​ possible to​ sell entertainment. it​ is​ possible to​ sell ‘meeting people.’ Many Internet businesses have grown to​ unbelievable levels of​ success doing just this. Some examples are,​,​ and more.

The first step to​ building a​ website is​ not designing the​ site. it​ is​ deciding what is​ being sold. Why will people come to​ the​ website? What will attract them? What will make visitors stay at​ the​ site?

Understanding what is​ for sale will help the​ business owner pre-sell the​ product without continually telling people to​ buy something. in​ fact,​ the​ most profitable sites are those that do not try to​ sell anything.

Monetize the​ Website

The term monetize the​ website means to​ create a​ website that doesn’t sell anything. Its sole purpose is​ to​ pre sell a​ product and make money by driving people to​ websites that do sell something. This is​ a​ popular method of​ income generation as​ it​ lets Internet businesses to​ create multiple streams of​ income and diversify without needing to​ invest money into products,​ merchant accounts,​ and warehousing or​ drop shipping.

Shopping Carts

Once the​ website owner decides what to​ sell,​ they need to​ determine what type of​ platform. Many new companies stick with an​ ebay company. Other people do not try to​ do it​ their own. Instead they take their time and explore their options.

One way is​ to​ use,​,​ or​ to​ sell their products.

Stay Up to​ Date

Being behind the​ times is​ a​ quick way to​ go out of​ business. Ecommerce companies need to​ stay up to​ day. That e-book should be changed into a​ home study or​ an​ e-course. the​ download should become a​ video or​ audio file. the​ free blog – a​ personalized website. the​ internet world is​ evolving. as​ fast as​ users become familiar with one form of​ Internet tool or​ feature,​ another is​ quickly increasing to​ take its place.

The key to​ success is​ remaining educated,​ reading everything you​ can,​ and staying up to​ date with the​ web and all the​ tools it​ has. What makes money? Something new.

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